December 12, 2019

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 18:55

Cyprus: A Song for Ivi - LIVE

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There are two nations found within the Mediterranean Sea that compete in the Eurovision Song Contest and one of them is Cyprus whose choice of artist was made way back on the 5th August 2011 after having successfully competed in the Greek X Factor competition reaching the latter stages before being surprisingly eliminated in eighth place. Nevertheless, the Cypriot broadcaster; CyBC saw true potential with this artist and there is hope that Cyprus can achieve a very good result with the right song, which in turn will be selected through a jury and public selection this evening.

Ivi Adamou is one of the youngest performers in recent years having been born in the town of Famagusta back in 1993, the same year in which Niamh Kavanagh won the Eurovision Song Contest held in Millstreet, Ireland. This evening, Ivi will be performing a total of three (3) songs which are similar and different at the very same time showcasing the beautiful vocal range that the artist can provide. With a 50% stake in each respective voting tab, the result could be swayed but this will be seen there and then as the show commences at 20:00 CET on CyBC. Whilst following the show online, make sure to follow our live report.

The Show (Part 1)

The show has just started with a number of a popular tabloids in the country showcasing Ivi Adamou performing a well known international cover. In the meantime, the male host is now in the studio and welcomes the people to the show, one which will see a song being chosen for the singer. He also speaks of last years' Eurovision Song Contest winners; Ell & Nikki and following a greeting by the female, their respective performance is show on screens as a refresher. The jury has just been introduced and now it seems that there is a flashback to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest as the performance of last years' representative is being shown on screen. After a commercial break, we kick off with the songs.

Running Order

01. Call the police (Lene Dissing, Jakob Glæsner, Mikko Tamminen)

The very song of the evening comes from an international team of songwriters. Ivi is on the edge of the catwalk singing a pop track with a lot of techno elements. It seems that she would like to call the 'fashion police' because the frock she is wearing is a terrible silver number with a frilly skirt as if something from the olden days. The song is performed comfortably but she is not singing this live and makes it quite obvious. Therefore, the choice will be completely on the choice of song but I am not sure that she can do the best with this track.

02. La la love (Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupstrom, Alexandra Zakka, Viktor Svensson)

It seems that there will not be any chances in terms of attire this evening but then again this is the song to beat this evening. This is the typical type of track which has been expected ouf of the singer and she seems to be able to carry it well live because her miming is spot on. The very thing is that the track which features ethnic schlager elements and it is quite catchy so to speak. Sony Music in terms of a company have already presented Sarbel and his song 'Yassou Maria' and this is along the same wavelength. It is seen as the track that could take Cyprus back to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest and also possibly finish in the top ten at the end of the evening.

03. You don't belong here (Niklas Jarl, Alexander Schold, Sharon Vaughn)

The third song is now on stage and this is quite different featuring quite a pop/rock type of element. Once more there is no live singing and therefore it is hard to tell how she would perform the song in reality. In the meantime, one can note a number of other elements including the shots that are used which are quite flattering. Ivi is a beautiful woman and makes use of her looks on the cameras. This is strong once more because it manages to get the best of both styles for the artist. Nevertheless, would one consider this to be as catchy as the one before, I would not think so.

The Show (Part 2)

Following the opening of the tele-voting segment this evening, there is a commercial break and upon the return there is the recap. The people seem to be mixed about their choice although recent polls showed that 'La La Love' was a clear favourite. Following the closing of the tele-voting, people from the OGAE, journalists, along with other individuals from the music industry speak about the tracks performed. A number of artists from the Greek music industry are wishing her luck including 2011 national final entrants; Melisses. It is not really that much of a surprise as La La Love has been crowned as the clear winner.

Last modified on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 20:50