December 13, 2019

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:21

The Critics Choice: 'Petals On a Rose'

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The general public in Malta have become quite vocal to the fact that our neighbouring country of Italy is known for promoting artists who have multiple talents managing to master the art of entertainment as best as one possibly could. It seems that this could also be said with regards to some of the individuals found in our country because there has been a growing trend amongst individuals in the media who tend to carry out a variety of roles but then again, there is a particular niche which they would never be surpassed in and that is the one which would always be somewhat perfected. This particular element might not be recognizable to the individual but then again, both opinionists and people alike would clearly notice the respective strength and where it lies through a number of previous showcases. Our critics who have become quite vocal in recent days are back to analyze none other than local heart-throb Gianni.

One of the most notable faces in the world of entertainment and the oldest competitor in the competition.The background that Gianni boasts is actually quite impressive being a musician, a disc jockey and also an extremely successful entrepreneur. Some people are known to be rebels when hitting their teens and it seems that he was no different actually by virtue of forming a band when he was just thirteen years old. Back then, he might have thought it to be a hobby but one has to point out that he is one of the best that the country has seen and he has definitely looked back owning a large collection of the instrument at his apartment apart from owning a collection of extensive memorabilia of the band KISS which he adores for their sheer professionalism in music. He has been part of some of the most successful bands in the country including Filletti and Friends back in 1987, Brainstorm in 1994 and then of course, RUG which he set up way back in 1992 and still exist to this day.

Nevertheless, the very first time that he performed in public to a large audience came back in 1988 during a Sixth Form Soiree along with some of his mates. Together, they were collectively known as the Blues Breakers. Gianni continued going strong and then went into television, hosting and also producing a show known as 'Flat 4' on national television before going onto host the game show 'Ċinkwina' whcih was a resounding success. His love for music continued though and thus he also hosted a music show known as 'One-Twenty'. His portfolio continue to gain promise when he joined a commercial radio station prior to moving outside of the country to further his studies. He did eventually return and today he is a director of a leading private radio station, Vibe FM. This will be the second time competing in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest having taken part with the song 'My Friends' back in 2000.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - An In-Depth Analysis

Gianni enters the competition for the second time in his musical career and is ready to take up the experience quite differently coming up with an extremely professional team of songwriters to try and snatch the victory away from some of the most notable acts in the country. He aims to bring about a different feel to the competition and it seems that this is being appreciated by non-typical fans of this scene. The track which he has come up with bears the name 'Petals on a Rose' and it has been written by a variety of individuals including none other than Amir Aly, Robin Abrahamsson, Maciel Numhauser as well as Trevor Fenech. All of them had a say in the music but then again the last two Swedes mentioned are the ones who wrote the lyrics to the track which is heavily pop/rock influenced.

The Swedes are actually very popular in their respective music industry making up the illustrious 'Ka-Ching Productions Team'. The track record that they boast in the industry is quite astonishing actually working with former Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nanne Gronvall (Sweden 1996), Jill Johnson (Sweden 1998), Alexander Rybak (Norway 2010), Anna Sahlene (Estonia 2002), Maria Haukaas Storeng (Norway 2005), and also writing songs for the Melodifestivalen selection including 'What If' for Cookies n' Beans, 'Just a Minute' for Rongedal, 'Visst Finns Mirakel' by Suzzie Tapper and more. Then again, Trevor Fenech has been dabbling into songwriter as of late having worked with his former client; Claudia Faniello on the track 'L-Imħabba Għamja' as well as writing the track 'This Ain't a Love Song' for Christian Arding. He is currently managing upcoming performer Daniel Testa who represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision back in 2008.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 58%

Steve Allen: A little old for this kind of pop/rock to me, sound younger than they look but it's a good chorus so who knows

Carlos Coelho: This rock inspired song is a nice change from previous songs. If the Maltese are going for pop-rock, this is the winner.

Sharon Vaughn: I love this guy's voice. The song really fits him too.

Martin Isherwood: Nice rock tune Lots of ideas thrown in and confusing the issue. You're like petals on a rose - ok as a simile but the lyric doesn’t really back this up and so it falls flat as an image ok voice - nothing wrong with it Lose the guitar solo - no need. Good idea but not really realised lyrically Seal "Kiss from a rose" Boston "More than a feeling" McFly - albeit a little more mature.

Charlie Rapino: No No No! I am sorry but they look too old in this particular video. I just cannot see this working actually and I am quite disappointed.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

Last modified on Tuesday, 24 January 2012 11:06