January 21, 2020

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Saturday, 14 January 2012 19:22

Iceland: First Two Entries in The Final

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The European continent is currently undergoing somewhat of a crisis when it comes to the economy but the arts could not be stronger and one of the nations which is set to commence the pre-selection process for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is Iceland. The selection process has not changed much in recent years but the quality has always been on the rise and this is noticeable even in terms of results for the country with qualification every year since back in 2008 when Euroband took to the stage with the song 'This Is My Life'. They even managed to reach a runner-up placing in 2009 at the hands of Yohanna and her stunning ballad entitled 'Is It True?'. They will definitely hope to build on that result as their selection process starts.

The song selection is entitled 'Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins' and will feature three semi-finals actually with five acts in each one. Two will be making it through from each show with six battling it out to become the next Icelandic representative in the Eurovisoin Song Contest following the footsteps of Sjonni's Friends. The result will be decided through 50% Jury and 50% Tele-Voting and the final is set for the 11th February 2012. There has been a lot of positive acclaim for the songs in this evenings showcase which includes some extremely notable names including Iris Holm, whom we spoke to earlier on today. In the meantime, the show which starts at 21:30 CET can be seen here.

The Show (Part 1)

Covering this selection process for the past four years, one becomes accustomed to some people and the host is the same as the one that has been seen within this respective period. She is charming in a black ensemble which suits her slim figure perfectly. Nevertheless, a backstage host in a white frock is also present. They are currently presenting the process and it seems that we are off to the very first clips which will be introducing the respective artists. A hearty good luck to all of the acts we begin this process together.

Running Order

01. Íris Hólm – Leyndarmál (Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson)

It has to be said that the lovely Iris Holm is clad in a beautiful black dress with touches of lace at the shoulder giving it that extra edge. She is joined by three female backing vocals and the small stage which is somewhat impressive in itself is bathed in white light with slight touches of blue. The vocal range emitted by the artist is brilliant and the song does have its moments of glory in my opinion especially at the climaxes. The mixture of styles has worked well despite the possibility of it not being appreciated. This is an extremely competenet performance from Iris and a very good start to the evening. What a beautiful end to such a charming presentation.

02. Fatherz’n’sonz – Rýtingur (Gestur Gunnarson and Hallvarður Ásgeirsson)

One can easily note how slick the presentation from the television station is especially as this next song is being presented with a blue setting in terms of television colours. The two main performers as could be seen in the image above are dressed in smart casual attire actually and they are not alone having been joined by what seems to be a very small accompanying orchestra. The vocals are once more quite good in this track and it is quite nice to hear some charming male ranges. There is an interesting element of purple going around in the background. This song which could be described as a melodic slow tempo like track might not be received well abroad but nevertheless, a very good effort indeed.

03. Gréta Salóme and Jónsi – Mundu eftir mér (Gréta Salome Stefánsdóttir)

The return of  Jónsi to the national selection might have not really been expected after failing to get through on his last attempt. His Eurovision Song Contest experience might have ended on a bad note but he is a sublime artist and tonight joins the beautiful Gréta Salóme who is also the co-writer of the track. The performance is quite dramatic because the charming gentleman looks stunning in his bow-tie and black dapper suit. She looks equally beautiful in a black dress with a golden design on the front. They are joined on stage by four backing vocals; two female and two male. The music is also beautiful but then again, it is not new and I remember a song in Malta that was quite similar entitled 'Alchemy'. Such a dramatic and brilliant performance of a terrific song featuring ethnic and rock elements. Well done!

04. Blár opal – Stattu upp (Ingólfur Þórarinsson and Axel Atlason)

This is the most uplifting entry of the evening and it will surely be appreciated by the people at home. The song features four young male artists who might actually be ladies charmers. They are all dressed in astonishing black attire but then they are wearing slippers in various colours in order to look lighter. The choreographer is kept as simple as possible with lots of hand clapping. The vocals are stunning and this song does tend to bring a smile to your face. Many people would probably relate it to the French song last year as it is quite similar to 'Allez Allez Ola'. I must say that the background is also helping create this young feel and the people in the all are not enthusiastic because had I been there, I would have been dancing to this one quite a lot to say the last. A brilliant performance.

05. Heiða Ólafsdóttir – Við hjartarót mína (Árni Hjartarson)

The final song in Iceland for this evening already and surely many people would be disappointed especially with the wonderful quality of the evening. The main artist, a female is a notable name in the music industry and she is donning a red shirt along with a black skirt and a bright red jacket. She is joined on stage by none other than two backing vocals, of female nature clad in black but well, another two dancers come in mid-way through the track. What a beautiful performance of a slow song. The genre is not limited to one because sometimes it is a ballad and sometimes it is mid-tempo. The vocal performance is just perfect but then again, many people would see this as to not having a climax.

The Show (Part 2)

The host is back on stage and she re-introduces the acts within a recap. It has been a charming start to the selection process and Iceland might be going for yet another very good result in 2012. Well in an effort to go through back time, we have a number of former acts on clips in their respective performances from the national selection. I believe that this is quite nostalgic. Some great songs in the past finals which missed out in the long run. Now the winning moment of Sjonni's Friends is being show on the screens, quite an impressive moment. The interviews from the past years done live on the spot have also returned for another shot in 2012 proving successful in recent years. More clips are currently being shown to the people at home and the viewers on the webcast and here come the results:

  1. Blár opal – Stattu upp
  2. Gréta Salóme and Jónsi – Mundu eftir mér

Source: RUV

Last modified on Saturday, 14 January 2012 21:42