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Saturday, 14 January 2012 16:39

The Critics Choice: 'Pure'

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The music industry is one of the most poignant when it comes to career choosing and unfortunately for local artists, it is quite impossible to take it up completely and that is why most of the artists keep it high in their list of priorities but still not at the very top. Nevertheless, with recent success being quite relevant, there is growing importance to see what individuals with stunning vocal abilities are capable of doing. In the words of Anthony D'Angelo, 'in order to suceed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time'. These couple of terms put together in a phrase by a scholar are actually very relevant and the next artist that our critics have been untangling is none other than a particular female who set her sights on reaching her goals a couple of years ago and those included the coming together of a career in full with the possibility of getting out there and showcasing her music in the best possible way. The artist whom our panel of critics have discussed in length is Claudia Faniello.

Claudia Faniello has become somewhat of a veteran in the local music scene despite not being around for as much as one would imagine. The very first time that she made her television appearance through a reality talent show entitled 'Hotspot' alongside other notable names in the current industry including; Cliff Zammit Stephens, Annabelle Debono and Eleanor Spiteri. Following that performance, she was spotted by composer Ray Agius who offered her the song 'High Alert' originally entrusted to Olivia Lewis who had to let it go due to another track which she had to perform. This was actually back in 2006, the same year when her brother triumphed in the competition with the song 'I Do'. Despite the song not faring well finishing at the lower echelons of the table, Claudia has managed to make it to the selection each and every year since then. In fact, she returned with 'L-Imħabba Għamja' in 2007, 'Caravaggio' and 'Sunrise' in 2008, 'Blue Sonata' in 2009, 'Samsara' in 2010 and 'Movie In My Mind' in 2011. She has most notably worked with her former manager; Trevor Fenech as well as songwriters Ray Agius, Godwin Sant, Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg during all of these experiences but a new chapter began a couple of months back for the singer.

The new direction saw her moving towards a new style, a new edge and this is seen through her first studio album under the name 'Convincingly Better' which showcases a much slicker sound due to the work done by CAP Sounds who opted to work with both local and foreign songwriters, the latter of which have had some astounding success in the industry. The album was well received but one of the most notable tracks receiving rave reviews was surely 'I'm Dangerous'. Some local music critics loved the direction she was taking but then again did not understand the inclusion of the song 'Samsara' which was still very much in the same style that she had just been leaving from. Looking back at the past of the artist, Claudia has also managed to win the second largest competition in Malta being the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' with the track 'Ma Nafx' written by Ray Agius. She has also represented Malta in a number of events abroad including Romania and Montenegro amongst others. More success beckons in the near future according to a number of individuals.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – An In-depth Analysis

Claudia Faniello is back for her seventh participation in the biggest stage that the country has to offer and this time round she seems to have reach a compromise which both the people and the professionals will enjoy merging a number of rock sounds into a melodic ballad which many people can actually relate to because of the open subject. The song title is 'Pure' and it is composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg. Throughout the years, the renowned artist with a loyal fan-base has been very much changing styles but it has to be noted down that she has stated it time and time again that this track is her favourite because it is something that she has been wanting to come up with for a very long time and working with such a successful combination of individuals might prove to be that final successful ingredient.

This is the third time that Claudia has entrusted the fate of her participation in the hands of Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg who only have one song together a duo which is rather odd when one considers the dynamic force they had earlier on in the last two decades including five victories coming in 2000 with 'Desire' sung by Claudette Pace, in 2002 with '7th Wonder' performed by Ira Losco, in 2004 with 'On Again .. Off Again' interpreted by Julie & Ludwig, in 2007 with Olivia Lewis and her entry 'Vertigo' and last but not least 'Vodka' in 2008 performed by Morena. It has been four years since they have taken home a trophy but their resounding success in the past always puts them in a favourite position. There are only a few songwriters who have cracked other selections abroad and these are two of those individuals.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 70%

Steve Allen: Going for the big melodic old fashioned ballad chorus that has been popular over the years at Eurovision, big ballad voice and a good voice yes but is it something we've had before, from Celine? chorus as strong as the production is trying to make it appear, not sure but you know what it could do ok this, why not.

Carlos Coelho: Eurovision ballad, probably the winner. Good melody, good lyrics. I don’t like the word “Pure”, it goes down when it should go up, I would much prefer a word with open vowels.

Sharon Vaughn: What a brilliant performance of a stunning, soulful and wonderful song. The title is adequate as well because it brings me pure joy.

Martin Isherwood: Very strong good lines but difficult to get the main idea of the song  "Pure" is a good title -but it's actually "Pure love" that's the main idea.  Pure is a loaded idea is some ways.  Busy chorus / lots of lyrics / ideas - hard to latch on to the meaning of the song - "breathing you inside.." how does it fit with the main idea? Very strong good standard  Very competent ballad . Needs one clear idea and focus

Charlie Rapino: I believe that this is a good song but then again the chorus comes in way too late at 01:01 and therefore it just does not open well. Claudia is a very good singer and one which Malta needs because she is a true star.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

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