December 12, 2019

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Sunday, 19 February 2012 14:22

Georgia: Anri Jokhardze off to Baku

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One of the most successful countries at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years has surely been Georgia having managed to make it to the finals of each event in which they competed. This year will mark their fifth participation and they will be hoping to build on what they have achieved thus far with positive and improving result with each passing year. The final will be staged from the studios of the broadcaster, 1TV at around 15:30 CET which would be 18:30 in local time.

The interest to participate in the selection has dwindled in recent years noting that this year, they only received thirteen (13) applications and this is after a reported extension in the date to submit songs. It will be interesting to see the nine (9) songs which have been chosen to take part due to their quality. The nation has a record to uphold and they hope that one of the songs does live up to the reputation. The streaming of the final will take place through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Show (Part 1)

The final starts with a number of videos from the past, kicking off with 2007 which was the first year in which Georgia took part and they go through all of their participants which have included Sopho with 'Visionary Dream' in Helsinki, Diana with 'Peace Will Come' in Belgrade, Sopho Nizharadze with 'Shine' in Oslo and last but not least Eldrine with 'One More Day' in Dusseldorf. It is quite notable that they showed the song 'We Don't Wanna Put In' which had to be withdrawn for controversial lyrics prior to the competition in Moscow. The Jury is being introduced by the male host and they consist of three men and two women. The male host in the meantime looks like an inspector with his brown trench coat but off we go, off to the first performance of the afternoon.

Running Order

Mirror Illusion – Whisper

The singer has very peculiar looks and she is on stage with her band, consisting of a drummer and a bassist. The main performer is supposedly singing in English although her command of the language is very poor, a problem for many Eastern European countries. The song is not that good either because it is too heavy for my liking and the general liking of the Eurovision Song Contest. What a terrible start to the Georgian Final and well let's just say that she is trying too hard to get the song across. Too much happening on the small stage!

November – Letter To A Friend

The second song of the afternoon is being performed by yet another band and this time round the main singer is clad in blue attire, quite casual but his band members are wearing slightly darket colours. The music is less heavy in this track and the accent is more understand but I am sure that Georgia does not want to take the route that they did last year just before that worked becfore because see the nation doing well this year with the same style of song. Not a terrible performance but not one to evoke any emotions either. The use of pyrotechnics extends to the second entry as well showing the access they have in terms of show stunts.

Industrial City – Broken

You have got to be kidding me, the third rock song of the afternoon from Georgia and one which is even worse than the previous two because the singer who is wearing a black shirt is singing completely out of tune whilst shouting out notes. I cannot believe that this is called music because it is abysmally painful to the ears and I might need to get some aspirin. Mid-way through the performance, I had to mute the sound because it was becoming too much! Is there anything calm and mellow?

Leo Jee – It’s My Life

Finally, a real song comes into play in Georgia as the male performer who is somewhat dressed almost as one should in a national final is joined on stage by two backing vocalists, who are clad as angels. The song is a pop/rock type of ballad with slight hints of r'n'b but nevertheless works well. The vocals are not that good and he seems to be trying too much and is looking very much like being constipated on stage. Nevertheless, this is the best thus far and that comment in itself is quite disappointing because this is the style which Georgia knows how to do well. Their ballad in 2010 was astounding and everyone has been hoping for something like that once more.

Edward Tatiani – Hey You

It seems that the rock genre is well behind us with the Georgian broadcaster putting all of the songs just after each other. Here comes the next track, one which is somewhat trance and dance influences. The vocals of the main singer clad in a white shirt and a slick black blazer are good actually and one cannot help note the fact that this song does not sound completely new, maybe a little bit of the music of 'I Don't Wanna Put In'. This would be an interesting choice for Baku, Azerbaijan but we will see hot things evolve in the long term.

Boris Bedia – It’s Life

The first couple of notes would make one think that the song is rock but it quickly develops into a rock ballad which an extremely dramatic chorus. This song might not the cup of team for many people actually because it is slightly heavy but this one is the type of track which I would not mind hearing at the Eurovision Song Contest. The vocals are extremely strong and they are the best of the competition thus far. Well done Boris for making this somewhat an entertaining performance, He sings about believing 'in a better day'. This is a very good performance!

Vanilla Cage – Breaking The Cage

Someone would like to break the cage it seems and that is none other than the next performer who is a good looking female. The song is once more a rock influenced track, similar to the first tracks presented this afternoon. My My, I cannot believe this but Georgia have clearly lost the plot and they should definitely re-assess their method of selection because they should work on getting the artist and then opinion a song selection. The vocals here are slightly over the top and shouty because any 'rocker' needs to be like that it seems. This was another terrible performance. Everyone would like to copy Eldrine it seems but I am almost sure that no song could do as good as it thus far!

REMA – Feel Me

Another band is currently on stage but the presentation from the host is just outrageous as he states 'Fill Me' instead of 'Feel Me'. The main male vocalist is well groomed and is dressed in dark colours and I must say, this has to be the best package thus far this afternoon because the song despite having touches of rock is much more symphonic. It is the track which also stands out from the rest and would notbe bothered by this at the Eurovision Song Contest. With slight arrangements, it could be a top ten finisher at the end of the evening so well done Georgia, you have just found your winner!

Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Jocker

The fina song of the evening seems to be the funniest one of all actually because the male performer who takes to the stage to sing is wearing a very smart suit and performs lyrics which say that he is a joker, somewhat also spelt wrongly in the title. The pyrotechnics are all over the place and they better watch out because they might burn the place down. The music is a mixture of pop and dance and he seems to be enjoying himself out there. They do not have any choices actually but hey, this would be an interesting song to send to Baku!

The Show (Part 2)

That was a heavy final and I am not sure that Georgia will be doing well in this years' Eurovision Song Contest because their tracks have really been put on the spot by many fans who are not sure whether the competition is being taken seriously or not. Let us just hope that they make the best possible selection out of these 'songs'. What a beautiful interval act and once more one would think, why would they not send this to Baku instead noting the sheer simplicity and enchantment that the country possesses. Next up the group that represented Georgia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest performing the song 'Candy Music'. Funny how this song is even better than the songs heard this afternoon!

A recap of the songs is now being played and off we go to Eldrine, last years' representatives! They perform a couple of tracks and now they are being interviewed on the red carpet where the male host has stayed along with the photographers during the whole show. Quite interesting, the Azeri singer, Sabina makes a guest appearance and she perform the song 'Natural Woman' beautifully! She is quite happy to be in Georgia and would like to wish everyone the very best of luck! Another recap is now being shown on the screens.

The Winner

Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Jocker (Song Title is Correct according to GPB Website)

Last modified on Sunday, 19 February 2012 16:19