December 06, 2019

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Saturday, 18 February 2012 23:55

Exclusive: Nina Zilli to represent Italy in Baku

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Just before the clock strikes one, we are in a proud position to reveal that close sources have told us that the Italian broadcaster, RAI has struck a deal with none other than Nina Zilli, and therefore selecting an artist who was somewhat a favourite to finish in the top three. There had been talks between Universal Music Italy and the committee at the broadcaster and in the end things had been arranged accordingly.

Nina Zilli is not one of the most popular names in Italy having also started her career through the confines of Sanremo having participated just two years ago in the 'Nuova Generazione' finishing in second place just behind Tony Maiello but still awarded the Premio della Critica 'Mia Martini' and also the 'Sala Stampa Radio TV' as well as the 'Premio Assomusica 2010'. She released her very first album entitled 'Sempre Iontano' last year and it peaked at an extremely respectable twelfth place in the charts. It has seen then been awarded the Platinium Disc. The song which she will be presenting in Baku is yet unknown but her Sanremo song is surely the first choice and it will just have to be shortened ever so slightly. She has been dubbed as the Italian version of Amy Winehouse and we could be well heading to Rome next year noting that this is a really good and positive decision by the broadcaster.

Source: RAI

Last modified on Sunday, 19 February 2012 00:27