December 10, 2019

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Saturday, 18 February 2012 16:56

Latvia: Eurovizija 2012 - LIVE

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Welcome all to the live report of Eirodziesma 2012 live from Ventspils. Hosts of tonight are Jolanta Strikaite, Kristine Virsnite and Valters Fridenbergs. The last one represented Latvia in the 2005 Eurovision along with his buddy Kazha and the song ‘The war is not over’ ending in 5th place. As it’s the 10th participation of Latvia in Eurovision there will be a special performance of Marie N who won the competition with 'I Wanna' in 2002 beating off Ira Losco’s 7th wonder. Other guests will be Sinplus from Switzerland, Musiqq who were last years Latvian entry, Olga Rajecka and the cello trio DaGamba. Also from Azerbaijan there will be a special surprise during the show.

The two semi-finals leading up to the competition were held just a couple of weeks ago and the interest might not be that high because the quality of the entries in the selection has somewhat been dismal at times yet the presented songs this evening is quite remarkable at others times. There has been a lot of talks on whether Latvia might be able to get out of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final and there are chances with the right track. The show can be followed through the official website of the event as well as the one of the broadcaster.

The start of the show

The cello trio DaGamba is opening the show with their version of Abba’s hitsong Gimme Gimme Gimme. Its sounding really and a first view on the stage looks nice. After their performance the audience and tv-viewers are welcomed by the three hosts of tonight. There is small recap of all the songs from 2002, Marie N’s song till lasts years entry. Strange that Brainstorms great entry from 2000 was excluded however. All finalists are being presented on stage followed by a first commercial break. Hopefully there won't be too many of them.

Back after the break the presenters announce the televoting numbers for the public to support their favourite song. And the voting is officially open now! We are ready for the first song!

Running Order

01) Ruta Duduma - My world (Ruta Duduma)

The first is not bad with a singer accompanied by a guitar and backed-up by three backing singers. This is an easy listening song, not bad but i believe it might be a little bit too ordinary to stand out in Baku. However a sweet girl with a nice, this worked in the past so we will see.

02) Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija - I want you back (Martins Grunte, Oskars Maizitis)

The second show of the evening starts very slowely with candlelights on the piano. Samanta has a very good voice and also Davids seems to hold very good his notes, but the song is getting nowhere really, so this wouldnt stand any change. Pity because they are very good singers! After their performance the jurymembers are being presented as well as the current stand of voting. This is a very good and clever thing actually to show all openly. This is surely something that many other countries, including Malta, could learn from.

03) PeR - Disco superfly (Ralfs Eilands, Edmunds Rasmanis)

Per seem to be the hot favourites to win tonight, being already in the charts and currently leading the televoting. However we know from the past that this is not always a guarantee for winning. This is a very funny song with two guys who seem to have great fun. I dont know really how the European public would react on this, either it might end up very high or at the bottom of the ranking. Anyhow its surely the best song and performance of the evening till now.

04) Trianas Parks - Stars are my family (Aivars Rakovskis, Agnese Rakovska)

The next in line is the band Trianas Parks with a midtempo song called Stars are my family. I'm very sorry to say but the female leadsinger has a very annoying voice and if this would be chosen, which i cannot believ, this would be a big shame on Latvia.

05) Paula Dukure - Celebration (Edijs Dukurs, Miks Dukurs)

Song 5 comes from Paula Dukure who is singing like seated in a big cake which is looking really funny but nice! She's staying all the time in the cake while two dancers are like dancing around the cake. The song is like a poprock song and even it's not really my style i like watching this! Next to song 3 this might be the second song who might go to the superfinal later on tonight.

06) Andris Abelite - We can change the world (Andris Abelite)

A compliment for the next song, Andris is singing his song in Latvian and accompanies himself with a trumpet. The song itself is quiet classic and could have been an ok song in the 70's or 80's but not in 2012. Sorry Andris!

07) Anmary - Beautiful song (Ivars Makstenieks, Rolandins)

The next in line is Anmary with again an easy listening song which goes about the 80's. Well they are surely dressed up in 80's clothes, the lyrics are quiet cheesy and i'm very sorry to say to my latvian friends that the overall level this year is pretty low. Where is Lauris Reiniks or other main stars? After the song, Valters is having an interview with Sinplus, the Swiss entry in this years Eurovision. Later on they will be presenting their song to the Latvian public.

08) Elizabete Zagorska - You are the star (Atis Auzans, Karlis Streips)

Oh my goodness! What do we have here. A singer in a red long dress dancing like she had way too many Riga Balsems (a local popular drink), she's out of tune all the time. Dancers are having a similar choreography as Let me try, the 2005 Romanian entry from Luminita Anghel. This is the worst song for sure of tonight. Get her off stage please! And off we go for the second commercial break. After the break a current situation on the televoting is show and song 3, my personal favourite is leading, following by number 7.

09) Mad Show Boys - Music thief (Garijs Polskis)

Well this is a very surprising song. The band is totally dressed up and the lead singer has a painted face. This is a fun nonsense song, not very high level but it shows they are having fun on stage and i wouldnt be surprised at all if this makes it to the superfinal! They are getting also a big response from the audience!

10) Roberts Petersons - She's a queen (Austris Rietums, Liga Markova)

The last song of tonight is a quiet nice poprock song. There is a good melodyline actually, vocally they might not stand out but it's one of the better songs of tonight. The places for the superfinals will be though to be filled in, thats sure! There is currently a recap of all songs. And the current televoting give song 9 in the lead, followed by songs 3 and 7.

We have now a guest performance of Olga Rajecka, a local singer, which is singing a strange song. She might be popular in Latvia, but this strange tune is not my thing at all! And again there is a recap of all the songs. I think people dont want to hear back most of the songs, let's hope that the best songs go through to the superfinal!

They show now parts of the entries of Malta, Hungary, Cyprus, Iceland, followed by again a recap of the finalists. We are off for a break but will be back around 8pm for the second part of the show. Stay tuned!

The Show (Part 2)

We are back earlier then expected and the presenters announce that televoting has ended. All participants are on stage so soon we should know the superfinalists! However we are off again as this announcement is meant during the break of another program.

Finally we are off for part two of Eirodziesma. The show is opened by last years Latvian entry Musiqq who are performing a new track Dance with somebody. The guys are only accompanied by a guitarplayer so they have to improvise and they do it very good actually! We would already start to forget about the finalists. Well done Musiqq!

All finalists are called on stage for the announcement of the superfinalists, so tension is very high now! Anmary Mad Show Boys and Per (twice) get seperate prizes but all are waiting for the big announcement of the superfinalists! They are finally being announced..... after another commercial break!

The judges are giving one by one followed by the televoting results. This give the following result and three superfinalists:

02) Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija - I want you back (Martins Grunte, Oskars Maizitis)

07) Anmary - Beautiful song (Ivars Makstenieks, Rolandins)

09) Mad Show Boys - Music thief (Garijs Polskis)

A very surprising choice as Per was considered as a sure finalist. The three superfinalists wont perform again but televoting is starting from zero, so it will be very interesting how the televoting will be now. I'd put my money on Mad Show Boys.

But before that we welcome Sinplus from Switserland who present their song Unbreakable. They are becoming this year the leaders of most visited countries as before they were already in Malta, Belarus and Ukraine and the Netherlands and surely other countries to follow. Always a pleasure to see them perform. At first i was not sure about the song but it's really a growing song and the guys show sympathy so you simply have to love Gabriel and Ivan!

Before the final announcement we have a special performance of Marie N, the winner of the 2002 Eurovision. She is singing a magnificent song 'Un vie d'amour' in impeccable french, which is not too much surprising as she is living already many years in France. Very intimate but impressive song!

Edgar Kots from LTV is coming now on stage to announce the result. And the winner is Anmary with 'Beautiful song'! Second place is Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija while Mad Show Boys are in third place!

Goodluck to Anmary and Latvia!

Last modified on Saturday, 18 February 2012 19:49