December 10, 2019

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Saturday, 18 February 2012 10:51

Ukraine: Decision Being Made This Morning

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Ukraine  is one of the most successful nations at the Eurovision Song Contest having garnered to achieve victory just a year following their debut and their results have been pretty much consistent. Earlier today, the national selection for this years' edition of the musical extravaganza commenced noting that a total of twenty acts will be fighting it out to get the ticket. In the beginning of the process, there were some 5,0000 applicants but then again, there had to be an internal jury who would select the best entries. Eventually, they came up with twenty-one (21) names with a wildcard chosen by the people later on in the process tallying the list up to twenty-two (22).

The quality of the songs is nothing to write home about actually with the various genres being used more than once and the English language somewhat being forced. Nevertheless, some of the songs do stand out to being good and different but there are only a couple. Following the performances, the people can expect an interesting interval act to feature a number of Ukrainian artists such as Alyosha who represented the nation in 2010 and has a song competing this evening entitled 'Love in Sunlight Rays'. Other names who will be present are Zlata Ognevych who competed in the selection last year and Matias who was disqualified at the last minute. French representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Anggun will also be paying a visit to the show to perform her track 'Echo (You and I) as she continues her extensive tour around Europe.

  1. Olga Shanis - Dream
  2. Vitaly Halay - I want to love
  3. Max Barskih - Dance
  4. Olya Polyakova - Lepestok
  5. Edward Romanyuta - I'll never let go
  6. Lëhkyy Flyrt - MegaMix
  7. Igor Titarenko - You're my life
  8. Mihaylo Hrytskan - Ya tak iskal tebya
  9. Masha Sazonova and Tihon Lyevchenko - I close to you
  10. Marta - My heart is sorrowing
  11. Gaytana - Be my guest
  12. Oksana Nesterenko - Mondo blu
  13. Rapira - Get over
  14. Andrey Bogomolets - Are you waiting for me
  15. Bondarchuk - I don't know why
  16. Renata - Love in sunlight rays
  17. Treeorange - New day
  18. Nerealnye (The Incredibles) - Just a dream
  19. Juliana Rudakova - Ti ne odin
  20. Marietta - Rainbow
  21. Lena Voloshina - Let it out
The show is being streamed live through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest with an audio commentary in English in order to understand exactly what is happening. The show commenced at 11:30 and should finish not too long in the afternoon. This is most probably the earliest national final ever to be honest. The show is moving at a good pace according to our colleagues but then again, the fact that it is still morning, it would be quite the issue to watch people dressed in very formal attire at times. Tuning into the live stream, the hosts are dressed in very bizarre attire especially the woman who is wearing what looks to be like what the male aristocracy used to wear during the time of the Royal Family.

Source: NTU

Last modified on Saturday, 18 February 2012 11:34