December 12, 2019

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Thursday, 16 February 2012 18:55

Germany: Unser Star für Baku - LIVE

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The German selection for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has proven to be quite an interesting showcase of exceptional talent from all over the country with the main focus being to choose the best and rather most suitable performer for the event with an expert panel present to make their respective critique and the people at home choosing the artists which they would like to see moving on further. Following weeks of shows, aired through ProSieben and Das Erste, only two remain and tonight, they will be performing original songs as they both hope to win the right to represent the host country of the 2011 edition.

Germany has managed a successful number of results throughout the years but coming into this years' competition they bring in a victory in 2010 thanks to Lena and her song 'Satellite' and a tenth place finish thanks to the very same Lena with her entry 'Taken By A Stranger'. It was time for her to step down though and let someone else do the work and indeed they will with Roman Lob and Ornella de Santis. It has not yet been revealed but it is expected that each act will perform two songs which are the same to each other and another track which is spefically written for the artist. Stay tuned as the live report commences here on ESCflashmalta. The show commences at 20:15 and can be seen through the official webcast of the broadcaster.

The Show (Part 1)

The hosts for the evening walk out with a huge fanfare and the female Sandra is wearing a golden dress which shimmers all the way through whilst the male is wearing a tight black suit which suits him just well. They are making their respective introducing remarks, speaking about the whole process and how it went along whilst also speaking about the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. A feature is now being shown focusing on the event that was held last year in Dusseldorf being going through a time machine. The hopes for 2012 are also introduced noting that the winner will eventually go to Baku, Azerbaijan due to the victory by Ell & Nikki with the song 'Running Scared'.

The Jury is now being introduced. It is important to point out that they will not be voting but just giving their opinion. They are none other than; Thomas D who is the head critic, Alina Suggeler and Stefan Raab, all of which are music professionals in their own right. The audition phase for the finalists is now being shown along with clips of some of their performances. Roman seems to be the favourite this evening according to the screams of the people but both of them have shown promise at different moments in the competition. More talk this evening but we are ready to start.

Running Order

01. Roman Lob - 'Conflicted'

The singer is wearing a red shirt and a pair of blue jeans showing his usual casual side. His diction in the English language is somewhat non-understandable and apart from the refrain, this track is very difficult to understand. The song is a pop/rock entry which heavily features a piano background. The vocal performance is strong and he really knows to command a stage but the diction is very poor unfortunately. He is enjoying the performance and the people seem to be doing so as well noticing that they are clapping along. The live band add a lot to the performance making the song somewhat unclear to how it would sound on a backing track. I am loving the key-change and the climax but overall the song is a let down, as I was expecting a much better track. Disappointing start from Germany as they try to take the radio type of route for the song but apart from the song title, which is repeated a million times, nothing stays in mind!

02. Ornella de Santis - 'Quietly'

A beautiful piano ballad in the style of the 'Ave Maria' quickly gets cracking and the charming vocals of Ornella clearly shine through from the beginning although she picked up the pace somewhat too quickly unfortunately but she noticed and slows down. The song though is too similar to the version of the Beyonce track but this is far superior to what has been presented thus far. The singer is clad in a short black dress and her movements along with her hair are very similar to Lena but the genre definitely is not. The people are applauding the performance and by far they should because she is doing it perfectly. It is astounding and the vocals are just fine tuned to perfection. The production of the track is stunning and this is my early favourite. We will see how things develop this evening but Ornella might turn the tables on Roman.

03. Roman Lob - 'Alone'

Roman is back on stage and this time he is wearing a dark coloured t-shirt which is very much open in a V-Neck style in order to showcase an upper torso tattoo. The song on the other hand is very different to the first one featuring a pop/rock type of ballad which showcases his style better. It is important to note that the chords he has are much more suited to this type of songs. The diction is much better this time round because the song is made up with more open ended vowels. Unlike, Ornella, he is enjoying the performance once more  and includes the public. He seems to be quite a hit with the ladies, many commenting on his dashing looks. I am somewhat impressed by the beauty of the production in each of the songs. The people in the hall are going crazy and Ornella is going to have to bring something spectacular to beat this.

04. Ornella de Santis - 'Alone'

Ornella is back on stage and clad in a white shirt and a black skirt and she is ready to perform the song to a slightly different orchestra, one which would suit her voice even more but then again, this song was not written with her in mind and it shows with her performance. She seems somewhat lost out there despite trying to perform it in the best possible way. She is opening up her legs in a very awkward position and her expressions are very out of this world. The lighting is quite beautiful though and it seems that they calmed the song just a bit. The vocal performance is good actually but you cannot help but compare with this regard and I just cannot see her competing in the super-final this evening. This is quite unfortunate, she does extremely well towards the end though as she hits the major notes.

05. Roman Lob - 'Standing Still'

The start of a ballad and this seems to commence with the music of a xylophone and Roman looks much better in a white vest and a red/black checked shirt on top of it, ready to match the fashion stakes. Once more the production of the track is sublime and it seems that the Germans really put in a lot of effort. Roman is once more going around the stage and performing convincingly. This is the best performance of the evening from the male performer and good grief, it came at the right time as well because it is his last performance. The vocals are very strong and the song is very much a pop type of ballad which could be expected from Sweden. The key change at the end is just stunning and this is the best song for Roman to perform in my opinion. Well done, this is just fantastic and would be a major treat in Baku.

06. Ornella de Santis - 'Standing Still'

Once more, a slightly ever so slightly different arrangement, more classical, slightly more dramatic for Ornella because this is her style of music and it suits her brilliantly. It seems that the people are enjoying it because as the chorus beat kicks off, the people start cheering loudly. This is a much better performance from her as she wears a black skirt, black tights, black shoes and then a pink strapless shirt. She sounds beautiful in this song and it suits her so much, as they say, fits her like a glove. What a beautiful song, curious to who the writers behind the track are as they put in some beautiful music in this one. The middle part is enchanting featuring only some melody. Ornella is enjoying her time on the stage and does make use of the audience too much as opposed to the cameras which she does not look at too much unfortunately. Hard to call this one this evening.

The Show (Part 2)

The performances have finished and the voting is now open to the public who need to pick the best track for each performer before heading into yet another clash. Therefore, the voting numbers are being shown through a recap at the moment as the people make up their mind. Clips from the recordings of the tracks are now being shown with the Head Judge, Thomas D speaking about the recording process which took place after midnight. Well the results seem to be in already as we head into the most interesting part. Clips of all of the songs chose  thus far have been shown including that of Malta being 'This Is The Night' by Kurt Calleja.

Running Order

01. Ornella de Santis - 'Quietly

Ornella takes to the stage once more with the black dress she used for the first performance and she commands this performance beautiful with exceptional vocals. The importance of the show is brought forward noting that she merits this song which will do well in the charts whatever happens. She is trying her best and it is seen as she is improving her percentage which is being shown on screen. Beautiful song, a ballad which greatly resembles the Beyonce version of the 'Ave Maria' which is definitely not a bad thing. I believe that she gave the best possible performance of the track and she could not have done anything else this evening. Well done Ornella! Enchanting!

02. Roman Lob - Standing Still

Quite the diction issue instantly actually because one could barely make out the words that he is singing but the again, the people do not seem to mind as they frantically start losing their minds after his charming looks. Nevertheless, he does command the stage well and gives a stunning performing looking for all the positive aspects of the presence. The song is a pop/rock type of track which might go down well and might not but then again, the song is reminiscent of something which has already been heard before though and I am not sure but I believe this will tank in Baku if sent. The voting is very tight though with only a 1% difference. The jury have words of praise towards him but Thomas D is biased being his track.

The Show (Part 3)

The recaps are up once more and Roman is still very much in the lead only just though. The interval act is the newly popular band Frida Gold who are known in Germany for their debut album. it is quite brilliant actually. Ornella seems to be catching up in the voting but can she turn the tables on Roman and surprise everyone with a victory this evening, still quite sceptic myself. The winner with 50.7% of the vote is Roman Lob and therefore 'Standing Still' will represent Germany in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Last modified on Thursday, 16 February 2012 21:32