January 24, 2020

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Thursday, 16 February 2012 08:05

Ukraine: All Finalists Known for Saturday Final

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The 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest might bear some signifance to a number of countries like it does for Ukraine noting that this year will mark their tenth year in contention and with a victory and also two runner-up finishes, the nation has almost always ranked high in the scoreboard with the result achieved last year also being amongst the upper echelons noting that the song 'Angel' by Mika Newton finished in a somewhat surprising fourth position. For yet another year, the broadcaster has called for a national selection and despite an internal jury choosing twenty one (21) participants, the public had the chance to choose another one through an online platform and indeed, the list has now been finalized.

There had been a public uproar about the elimation of Max Barskih initally and therefore, when the fans had the chance to get him back into the competition, they did so immediately winning the last position, the wildcard as announced by NTU, the Ukrainian broadcaster responsible for the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song which he will be presenting to the public this Saturday, 18th February 2012 is entitled 'Dance' and it is a very energetic entry which will get everyone on his feet to move along to the twisty beat.

Running Order

01. Shanis - Dream

02. Vitalij Halaj - I Want To Love

03. Max Barskih - Dance

04. Olya Polyakova - Lepestok

05. Eduard Romanyuta - I’ll Never Let Go

06. Band Legkyj Flirt - MegaMix

07. Igor Tatarenko - You’re My Life

08. Myhajlo Hrytskan - Ya Tak Iskal Tebya

09. Duet Masha Shazonova & Tyhon Levchenko - I Close To You

10. Marta - My Heart Is Sorrowing

11. Hajtana - Be My Guest

12. Oksana Nesterenko - Mondo Blu

13. RAPIRA - Get Over

14. Andrij Bohomolets - Are You Waiting For Me

15. BONDarchuk - I Don’t Know Why

16. Renata - Love In Sunlight Rays

17. Band Treeorange - New Day

18. NEREALNYE (The Incredibles) - Just A Dream

19. Matias - I Will Fight To The End

20. Ulyana Rudakova - Ty Ne Odyn

21. Marietta - Rainbow

22. Lena Voloshyna - Let It Out

The online selection was quite enticing but in the end, it is important to note that Max had almost two hundred (200) more votes than that of his nearest rival, Lena Shtefan. The Ukrainian final will be quite the early affair starting off at 11:30CET this weekend. It should be quite an intriguing if not long affair featuring so many songs but then again, you will be able to watch it through www.eurovision.tv who will be offering live streaming whilst following our live report on the show. Stay tuned for more information only on ESCflashmalta.

Source: Eurovision.tv, NTU