December 11, 2019

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 11:14

Spain: RTVE Publishes Possible Entries

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One of the leading nations at the Eurovision Song Contest have always been Spain but in recent years, the results have not been that satisfactory despite the fact that more effort has been put in with regards to their respective choices. Following the disappointment by Lucia Perez and her song 'Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao', RTVE have decided to choose the artist internally and they went for the extremely popular and Latin Grammy Nominee, Pastora Soler who is known to perform three genres being; pop, ballad, and flamenco.

The songs were published some four hours ago through website, on the official page of the singer which could be accessed here but the songs have also been published as of noon on the official page of the broadcaster, RTVE. It is quite interesting to note that the style of the songs is very similar to what Pastora released in her last album and therefore, most of the people will surely be happy about this fact. The stunning vocals of the performer echo through each entry and it seems that the drought for a good result on behalf of nation might come to an end. You can note the song titles below and listen to the songs by clicking on them.

Finalist Entries

  1. Quédate conmigo (Tony Sanchez Ohlsson, Thomas G:son and Erik Bernholm)
  2. Tu vida es tu vida (Max Miona, Eleonora Giudizi, Juan María Montes)

Votable Entries

  1. Ahora o nunca (Marco Deltoni, Xerónimo Manzur, Javier Rodríguez)
  2. Me despido de ti (José Abraham)
The Spanish selection will be taking place on the 3rd March 2012, and it will be aired live through the national channel known as 'TVE 1' and through a satellite channel known as 'TVE International Europe'. Three songs will be sung by Pastora, out of which 2 have been chosen by her as seen above. The 3rd song will be chosen via a public online voting on the RTVE Eurovision website.

Source: RTVE

Last modified on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 19:46