December 10, 2019

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 14:31

Belarus: Eurofest 2012 - LIVE

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Good Afternoon Europeans! Welcome to the live coverage of the Belarussian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest known as Eurofest which is being organized for the very first time since 2009 when it was won by none other than Petr Elfimove with the song 'Eyes That Never Lie' which failed to make it out of the semi-final finishing in thirteenth place with a total of 25 points. Since then though, the broadcaster has resorted to a new system which proved to both successful and unsuccessful seeing the country through to their second final since their debut. Nevertheless, the broadcaster being BTRC have reverted back to the Eurofest process in hope of selecting an entry which will do the nation proud.

The venue which is hosting the event this afternoon is the Palace of Sport and it is normally used for the Ice Hockey Games in the country. It hosts quite a nice amount of people and in fact, some 3500 are expected to attend the show which will ultimately feature performances from the five (5) finalists as well as the special guests who will be present this evening, amongst which they will be a lot of familiar faces to those following the live report through the official webcast proved by the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. We would like you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show from Minsk, Belarus as another entry is chosen for the musical event taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan this coming May.

The Show (Part 1)

Welcome to Minsk and Eurofest 2012! The show has just started with an interesting act, very atmospheric. After this we are welcomed by the hosts of tonight: Leila Ismailova and Denis Kurian, who were also the hosts of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Songcontest. They are welcome the audience and tv-viewers in both Belarus as well as the international viewers who can watch the show live through

It's first time for some folkloric dance, but i'm sure we are all waiting for the finalists to perform. It's time for the first song finally.

Running Order

Alyona Lanskaya - All My Life (Leonid Shirin, Yuriy Vaschuk)

Alyona is wearing a very nice dress and is sitting on a moonframe to start. The camerawork is very good and the singer has a very powerful voice. Also the acrobatic moves from the dancer are quite amazing. A very good start for the competition and one of the two hot favourites tonight.

Gunesh - Tell me Why (Isa Melokov, Zahra Bedelbeyli)

Gunesh is the only singer that changed her song for the final. She's originally from Azerbaijan and has many fans in the hall. She has a a poprocksong which is not bad but somehow it doesn't do it for me.

Viktoriya Aleshko - Dream (Evgeny Oleinik, Yulia Bykova, Svetlana Geraskova)

Next one in line is Viktoria Aleshko with a very uneurovision song. This could either work very well at the Eurovision or fail big time. The singer has the looks and reminds me of Jelena Tomasevic at the national final in Serbia back in 2008. The choreography is quite interesting and ends with the lifting of the three backing singers. Really curious how the jury and public will react on this song.

Litesound - We Are The Heroes (Vladimir Karyakin, Dmitry Karyakin)

Now off to the big favourites of the night, people are screaming big time in the hall. The band won the semifinal with an atonishing 37% of the televoting (and keeping in mind there were more songs then). From the beginning of the song is very clear this is by far the most commercial song. Dimitry the leadsinger seems very confident on stage and also the guys on stage, including an Italian basist. They are enjoying themselves a lot on stage. This is the kind of song that you cannot get out of your head. Even Alexander Rybak declared he is singing it constantly when taking a shower. Let's see if they can win finally after trying before. Before heading to the last song the presenters are adressing themselves to the public, there is a lot of atmosphere.

Uzari - The Winner (Yuriy Navrotskiy)

The last song is starting very interesting choreography and is the best of all 5 songs i believe. However the song seems too difficult for eurovision. He seems to have quite some success though in the arena, so this one is very difficult to predict how he will do.

The Show (Part 2)


My prediction after hearing all 5 songs would be as follows:

- winner: Litesound

- Runner-up: Alyona

- Third place: Uzari

Televoting has started now. All five finalists are coming on stage to sing a common song dedicated to Eurofest and is very danceble! After this performance the presenters are presenting with proud the very first winner of Eurovison, Lys Assia who is performing her winning song Refrain once again. She's getting big applause from the audience after which there is a recap of all 5 songs.

The next guest is no less that Dimitry Koldun, the 2007 Belarussian entry with Work your magic. Until today he is the one who gave his country the best result ever at the Eurovision. Koldun stated he's very interested to do Eurovision again and I believe this could be a very good thing for the country! He gets huge applause in the hall as the audience shows that they still adore the singer who is currently working on a new album in Moscow where he is living with his wife.

The next performance comes from Serbia with 2007 winner Marija Serivovic performing her great song Molitva. Also she gets a big applause and the atmosphere is great. Next up is the 2012 Swiss entry sung by Sinplus. Their song 'Unbreakable' is surely a grower. The guys have fun on stage and I believe this could be a qualifier for the finals in May even though it's not my style of music but I believe what they are doing on stage. Much feedback from the public too.

The presenters come back to the main stage and Leila is wearing a great blue dress. They tune over to Israel where Dana International is giving a video message to the finalists and goodluck to everyone! After this, Diva has to be performed of course, which is done by a local male singer. We thought it might have been Philip Kirkorov who recorded also a version of the song, but he's expected later on in the show.

Next one on stage is the fabulous Ruslana who is performing again Wild Dances. She's still very popular amongst the audience and fans. Many are waiting for new material, let's hope international material will be released soon. In Belgium she still holds the biggest success for an esc-winner in the last 25 years. The people get wild and ask for more and that's what Ruslana does with another song!

After the overwelming performance of Ruslana it's going crescendo with Greek Adonis Sakis Rouvas who is performing his 2009 Eurovision entry 'This is our night' as wel as an English remake of one of his big hits 'Keep on moving'. The public gets wild in Belarus for Sakis, thats sure!

The next in line is 2009 ESC-winner Alexander Rybak who is performing a compilation of the russian version of his song Europe's skies as well as Fairytale of course. The public is welcoming him very warmly! Finally we have the last years winners Ell and Nikki who are performing their winning song Running scared.

But the biggest star for the Belarussians is without any doubt Philip Kirkorov who is welcome with big applause. He's singing a ballad and gets big response from the audience. They are going crazy for Philip, it's very clear he's a true megastar in Belarus. The singer is addressing the audience in an emotional way and gets large applause for it. The announcement of the results is closer so the tension is rising and Philip is crossing fingers and hopes Belarus will get back to the final of the Eurovision. He is giving an extra performance to the public with another song which drives the audience crazy.

The presenter says the name of the man who will announce the results now. All participants get a prize from the president for the fact they recorded a song for the show. But now it's time for the announcement....

And the winner is Alyona! One of the favourites, although Litesound might have been a better choice. But nevertheless all the best of luck!

Second place is for Litesound, number three Gunesh, place 4 Viktoria and last place for Uzari.

Last modified on Tuesday, 14 February 2012 18:20