December 12, 2019

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Monday, 13 February 2012 23:15

Belarus: Will Litesound Finally Win?

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Throughout the European continent, the national selections for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest are in full swing with not less than eight (8) songs official revealed. Belarus is also in the fray of a selection this time round and they will be hosting an amazing television show this evening on Valentine's Day to choose their respective entry for the musical extravaganza. A great show is being promised and having been present for the preparations, I can definitely vouch for this matter.

BTRC are is the broadcaster which pays the fee to the European Broadcasting Union and their channels being 'Belarus 1' and 'Belarus 24', the latter of which is broadcast in twelve countries for some 200 million viewers) will join 'RadiusFM' to cover the show live. The main attraction for the European viewers will definitely be through which in turn is the official portal of the event promoting the competition. In order for the media to have the best possible coverage at the event, a press centre for Belarussian and International journalists has been set up at the Sports Palace and ESCflashmalta is being represented by Olivier Vanhoutte, from Belgium. The interest in the media has been quite interesting and it is quite interesting that the press are being given the full support to report on the showcase with many outlets being available to give their verdict on the Minsk show, live from the auditorium.

The main element of the showcase is still the competition and therefore, each of the participating acts have been given an original sign up sheet which enables him to show all of the prospective sides of the talent he beckons. The idea is to get the best possible outcome from the performance with regards to costumes, accessories, make up, screens and also any other additional special effects. Is it quite interesting actually because this element of an open minded showcase was not the case in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. A round of applause for the Belarussian broadcaster for having the best possible resources to produce an enticing show.

Five performers will compete for the victory: Alyona Lanskaya with “All my life”, Gunesh with “Tell me why”, Viktoria Aleshko with the song “Dream”, the band “Litesound” and their entry “We are the heroes” and Uzari with “The Winner”. The decision on who will represent Belarus in Eurovision will be decided through a combined jury and televoting vote. After the dress rehearsal and press conference it is pretty clear that the fight for the win will be between Alyona Lanskaya and the group Litesound. Litesound have already tried their luck a couple of times but this years' could be just their year to get the honour of travelling to Eurovision.

It’s worth mentioning, that “EuroFest” organisers’ team has achieved significant results at Eurovision Song Contest and all related events. National finals “EuroFest-2007” and “EuroFest-2008” were found to be the best of all the finals, organised in the countries, participating in ESC. In 2008 BTRC was awarded with a prize for the best music video for the song «Hasta la vista» performed by Ruslan Alehno at ESC 2008. Also, the European Broadcasting Union expressed a high opinion of Belarusian performances at ESC 2007 and ESC  2009, naming them the most successful and ambitious. For the first time in the framework of the “EuroFest” competition, Belarus got through to the final of Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Work your magic” performed by Dmitry Koldun finishing in fifth place in the final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

Since the project “EuroFest” started, young artists, as well as popular Belarusian performers took place in it: Irina Dorofeeva, Iskui Abalyan, Gunesh, Georgy Koldun, Anna Sharkunova, Herman, Venera, Aleksandra Gaiduk, band “Topless”, Vera Karetnikova and many others. About 118 applications from Belarusian performers to participate in this year “EuroFest”. Belarussian television also received 56 applications from songwriters from all over the world: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Belgium, Greece, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Croatia, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Apart from the performers who will be competing to represent Belarus, the broadcaster has called upon a number of guests to entertain the crowds as the result is announced. The last three winners of the Eurovision Song Contest being Ell & Nikki, Lena and Alexander Rybak whilst Ruslana, the winner of the 2004 edition. The very first winner of the notable music competition; Lys Assia who competed in Switzerland this year will also be presented. Hitting the stage along with the others will be the Greek superstar Sakis Rouvas and the m ost successful Belarussian singer at the event; Dmitry Koldun. It seems that some artists are being announced just now as we can officially announce that Philip Kirkorov will be making an appearance as Dana International is set to give a special video message.

The importance of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is also playing a role as the Swiss representatives Sinplus will be presenting their song for Baku as they did during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned for the latest about the nation of Belarus on with a live report set to take place between four and six in the afternoon based on the stream obtained by which is the official website of the event.

Source: BTRC, ESCflashmalta

Last modified on Monday, 13 February 2012 23:50