September 15, 2019

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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 23:00

Malta: Success for Fabrizio Faniello on Itunes Chart

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One of the most successful male stars in the local music industry is surely Fabrizio Faniello having managed to represent the nation on two occasions at the Eurovision Song Contest, the first time coming in 2001 with the song 'Another Summer Night' written by Paul Abela and his wife, Georgina Abela respective whilst the second participation came in 2006 with the song 'I Do' co-written with Aldo Spiteri. Despite his second time round was not that successful with the artist disappearing for quite some time, he has returned with new material including an album which has performed well in terms of sales and charts both on a local and an international scale.

Fabrizio has become a star in a number of Asian countries whilst one has to remember that he was the first to crack the Scandinavian charts way before Kevin Borg. His song 'The Whistle Song' reached number #8 there and was also covered by Alexander Rybak in one his albums. Nevertheless, the renowned male performer would like to go back to the Eurovision Song Contest and succeed for the country returning to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest last year with the song 'No Surrender' which finished in fourth place. This year he also decided to give it a go with the entry 'I Will Fight For You (Papa's Song) which finished in an equally impressive sixth place. It seems that the people relate to the song quite a bit hitting the Itunes local charts at number #15, the highest position it has held thus far and just six spots above another song of his entitled 'Sal-Aħħar' (Till The End) which has reached number #25 so far.

Source: Itunes

Last modified on Thursday, 09 February 2012 17:34