January 23, 2020

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Thursday, 20 May 2010 08:51

Oslo 2010: Day 5 Rehearsals - Review

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Good Morning and welcome to our fifth day of live coverage from the Telenor Arena in Oslo. Thanks to our team composed of Juergen Boernig, Lilian Brunell, Olivier Vanhoutte, Klaus Berg, Eric Lehmann and Ross Bennett as well as collaborations with the Irishmen Keith Mills and Peter Walsh from All Kinds of Everything, you can view pictures, photos, rehearsals as well as updated reports at various points throughout the day.

Today will mark the return of those in the first semi-final as they will be heading onto the stage for the second technical rehearsal which will be a bit shorter and will be finalising certain aspects of the performance before Mondays' dress rehearsals. The acts that will be taking to the stage for a second time include none other than our very own Thea Garrett who seem to have made a pretty good impact after her first rehearsal. Rehearsals should commence at around 11AM.

Moldova (as seen by Peter Walsh)

We saw the opening for Moldova.  We start with a map of the country in yellow, which then moves to the postcard which was fiilmed in Moldova, then we go to a live stage shot, then back to the postcard and then to the Moldova flag which then disintegrates on screen.  All of these graphics move around the screen and look very effective, giving an impression of movement. Olia is dressed in knee high silver boots, a sliver basque-like top with a blue furry shoulder strap, not sure if its the best outfit to wear! I'm assuming it will be her outfit in the semi as many artists wear their dress outfits at second rehearsal to see how they look with the stage colours etc.


Russia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Peter Nalitch next on for Russia. We have the snow on stage again. There is a camera shot with 2 monitors, one with Peter and one with another band member at the start of the chorus.  The camera then moves between the monitors twoards the stage during the 'Whoa! part of the chorus. He did some vocal gymnastics near the end which didnt quite work though , slightly off tune for that part, but fine vocally for the rest of the song.'  Some nice shots of the band look efective also. He also still has the wind machine and dry ice.  The dry ice is not always effective as it sometimes looks like something is smouldering or smoking on stage.

Estonia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Blue set again for Estonia. Robin is doing a lot of skipping about on the stage which looks good on the overhead stage shots but dreadful on any other camera shot..  Lots of steadycam shots around Robin, which suits the quirky nature of the song. Vocally very good, and everyone onstage dressed in velvet jackets. This is a good performance but I think it might be a bit too quirky to qualify.

Slovakia (as seen by Keith Mills)

Kristina and the woodland creatures use their forty shades of green lightbox for the first two minutes of the song and for me it's far too dark, but once the warm orange colours and overhead shots come in for the final minute, it's visually stunning. Kristina was falling off the notes in some of the early run throughs (she hit the right key but fell off it when holding the note). She is engaging with the camera a bit more now. We don't see enough of the dancers and they need to align the ropes a bit better for the overhead shot and because they are not wearing microphones, their "hey"s are being lost.  Without major neighbourly or diaspora support this could depend on juries to qualify and it needs to get a bit sharper for that. It's still just about making it I think, but not guaranteed.

Finland (as seen by Keith Mills)

While I don't like this and I'm not overly impressed by the kitschy performance, credit it where it's due, this is probably as good as it could get. The stage is pulsing squares of light with all the performers wearing whit which really helps them stand out against the dark background (this is a tip to other countries as well). They sing well, look like they are having fun. However it's the middle (and weakest) ethno song in the first half of this semi (between Slovakia and Serbia) and only guaranteed votes from Estonia and Latvia, so again it's down to the juries and if they are the musical experts that they are supposed to be, then they will spot that this is a thirty second song, repeated six times. I still don't see it qualifying, but I'm still not totally rulin it out.

Latvia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Another blue set mainly! Aisha looks like she is dressed in a peach bathrobe and a large black crucifix.   Her vocals are hugely improved compared to the first rehearsal. They are not perfect as she does lose the tuning in places.  We have dry ice again, lots of it, along with the wind machine. I had not given this a hope of qualifying after rehearsal one, but now it is on the possible qualifier list once more.

(as seen by Peter Walsh)

He is on stage early! He is dressed in his stage outfit, a blue suit , purple/lilac top, and pink socks!  The male dancers are in blue trousers and blue t shirts, and the females are in tafetta style dresses. Some of the camera shots showing the dancers getting back on their podiums look very poor.   Vocally it is great. Red set! The vertical balls at the back of the set drop down at the end. The main issue for me here is camera shots.  They definitely need improving.

Bosnia & Herzegovina (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Vukasin next on stage for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The set is dark but very effective for this song. , great  vocals from Vukasin and the backing vocalists. Very stylish presentation , great camera shots, the dry ice is very effective. It's a great contrast to Serbia before it and , on this rehearsal, has a great chance to qualify now.

Poland (as seen by Keith Mills)

Oh dear, oh dear. I really like this song an Marcin is a really nice guy, but whoever decided on this routine, should never be let near Eurovision. Marcin (dressed in a suit and tie) sings from the shadows, while five females flounce around with no sense of purpose. Two have longer ethnic style dresses which a caught beautifully from the overhead camera. Two wear shorter kneee lenght version, as they need to sdo some gymnastic dancing. It's all a bit distracting for the first two minutes but it gets positively sinister for the last minute. One girl gets her top ripped off and appears to be chosed to death by Marcin. It's all very OTT and unnecessary. I'm not seeing this qualifying.

Belgium (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Tom Dice next and he is dressed in blue trousers and a blue waistcoat with a bright blue shirt. Vocals were excellent. The presentation for this is just excellent.  It's a simple song and this will just stand out, especially after Poland.


Malta (as seen by Keith Mills)

They are trying different levels of dry ice on this but otherwise the run throughts are more of less the same. There seems to be one camera out of operation here as there's an awful under stage shot that cannot be deliberate. Thea looks great, sings confidently I think the seagull trick is the anchor to make this song more memorable. Strong chance of being a qualifier.

Malta (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Thea next for Malta. LOTS of dry ice for the first few performances, but she wasn't choking this time! Vocally she was excellent but there were camera shot issues, One particular one where it looks like the camera was either not manned or just not working .  At least I hope that was the case as the camera shot was dreadful. Other than that , this was a good rehearsal , just sort out that camera shot.

Last modified on Thursday, 20 May 2010 20:54