February 19, 2020

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 07:25

Oslo 2010: Day 4 Rehearsals - Review

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Good Morning and welcome to our fourth day of live coverage from the Telenor Arena in Oslo. Thanks to our team composed of Juergen Boernig, Lilian Brunell, Olivier Vanhoutte, Klaus Berg, Eric Lehmann and Ross Bennett as well as collaborations with the Irishmen Keith Mills and Peter Walsh from All Kinds of Everything, you can view pictures, photos, rehearsals as well as updated reports at various points throughout the day.

Well today will mark the second set of the second semi-final rehearsals and being the strong show out of the two, the fans will surely be on edge to see whether the favourites such as Ireland, Croatia and Turkey manage to deliver in the way that they should. We will be doing our best to keep you posted throughout the day. In fact, those taking to the stage will include the final nine participants as we saw with regards to the first semi-final rehearsals on Monday. The times have not changed and will remain the same until Thursday.

The Netherlands (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Her vocal run through was excellent.  She is joined on stage by 3 female backing singers, and a huge organ, on which there are 2 people , a man with a drum and a woman with a stick and a bell.  I think they are meant to represent wooden dolls. The organ is illuminated and the stage colour is golden, while the backdrop is mulitcoloured, yellow , red, green.

The song starts with a close up of the 2 'dolls' on the organ twirling slowly around before moving to Sieneke.  Vocally, there are no problems but camera shots need work, as Sieneke looks a little lost on stage.  I think we need more closeup shots of her. This improved as the rehearsal progressed but I still think they need improving. A good start to the rehearsal day.  I think Netherlands should be happy with their first rehearsal.

Romania (as seen by Peter Walsh)

The set is blue and they have the transparent piano on stage , along with 4 female backing singers.  The set changes to gold for the chorus, then back to blue.  Both stand up and move to the front of the stage after Paula's operatic part of the song.

Vocally, this is very good from both of them, my only issue is that they should seem to interact more with each other.  There is a definite lack of chemistry between them and this needs to improve. Also, the camerawork also needs improving , the set is quite busy with backing singers hand movements etc and a lot of this is getting lost on screen.

Slovenia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

The set is very dark at the start, lots of flashing white lights appear  and then red lights get incorporated into the look., Vocally, it was fine, again there are camera shot issues as it looks a bit messy visually. Its strange watching this rehearsal as everyone is in casual clothes so it's difficult to separate the folk people from the rock people. Overall, good rehearsal vocally, needs improving visually.

Ireland (as seen by Peter Walsh)

The stage starts off green, and Niamh's hair looks golden due to this. She has 2 male and 2 female backing singers.  Set has a excellent background that looks very effective when the stage colour changes to red and then to yellow. Vocally she was great, she was a bit strained on the last note on one of the performances but fine apart from that.

Lots of  discussions among the Irish delegation in between performances.  It feels like she is holding back which is the right thing to do at this stage. She has a wind machine as well which is very effective. Overall, an excellent first rehearsal.  As an Irishman, I feel a lot happier than I did after Ireland's first rehearsal in Moscow last year.

Bulgaria (as seen by Peter Walsh)

The song starts with Miro being surrounded by the female dancers enveloped in their wings.   Stage changes from silver to gold, and Miro now sings the second half of the song in English , apart from the very end when he reverts to Bulgarian.

His outfit looks like it will be a white suit with silver on the shoulders. I'm not sure how effective the language change is , the vocals were fine, apart from the start of one performance when Mira started coughing as he was enveloped in dry ice!!

Cyprus (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Jon has his guitar, 2 backing singers, 1 male and 1 female, a drummer, guitarist and a pianist. Later in the song the stage changes colour to gold which looks very well.  Its a good performance a certainly a contrast to Bulgaria before it. For me the set is a little dark in places, as its hard to see all of the band. There are some great flowing camera shots though, and some of the wide stage shots look amazing with the golden colour, making it look like a sunrise. It was a good rehearsal ,a simple presentation though I think the camera work needs improving in places.

Croatia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Feminnem start the song sitting on a brown park bench. There were having sound problems at the start so this rehearsal took a while to get going. The set starts off blue, then it turns both blue and red. hey also have 2 female dancers who come out during the instrumental part of the song, and we have a wind machine. At the end, the 2 dancers push 2 halves of a red heart together so the group are shown within the heart.  It does not work very well on stage as you can see the wheeling it on.  

They seem to be wearing cream dresses, like in Dora. The camera work improved as the rehearsal progressed but the attaching of the 2 halves of the heart is not looking great on camera and will have to improve as the last shot of the song should not be a negative one.

Georgia (as seen by Peter Walsh)

She has 2 backing singers and 3 dancers. The stage is red.  She has a wind machine. This is a very unexpected presentation as the dancers are lifting Sofia up and down, flinging her across the stage.  Surprisingly, her vocals are faultless despite all this movement, but I keep wondering why they have decided to do this.

She will be wearing a figure hugging red dress. Overall, loved this vocally but I do not like the presentation with the dancers as I feel it completely distracts from the strength of the ballad.  This would be much better is she just stood and sang the song.  If she wants dancers, have them dancing on stage but not including her in the routine.

Turkey (as seen by Peter Walsh)

Turkey's stage looks completely different to any other, completely black to start with apart from huge flashing strobe like lights.  There are 2 people on stage holding a black and a white flag, along with the band. There is a woman, who holds one of the flags, who then puts on a motor cycle helmet and starts to use an angle grinder with sparks flying everywhere.  This could look really good if they capture  it effectively on camera but they haven't managed it yet.

This is strangely one of the brightest AND darkest stages this year as not all of the stage is lit up. They will have to give a warning to those suffering from Epilepsy as the flashing lights could cause them problems , I think. This will definitely qualify I feel, as its the only real rock song in the semi and I think singing last is advantageous to them. However, lots of work needed to the visual presentation. Vocally, it is fine.

Last modified on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 16:27