February 19, 2020

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 06:29

Oslo 2010: Day 3 Rehearsals - Review

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Good Morning and welcome to our third day of live coverage from the Telenor Arena in Oslo. Thanks to our team composed of Juergen Boernig, Lilian Brunell, Olivier Vanhoutte, Klaus Berg, Eric Lehmann and Ross Bennett as well as collaborations with the Irishmen Keith Mills and Peter Walsh from All Kinds of Everything, you can view pictures, photos, rehearsals as well as updated reports at various points throughout the day.

Well today will mark the start of the second semi-final rehearsals and being the strong show out of the two, the fans will surely be on edge to see whether the favourites such as Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan manage to deliver in the way that they should. We will be doing our best to keep you posted throughout the day. In fact, those taking to the stage will include the first eight participants as we saw with regards to the first semi-final rehearsals on Sunday. The times have not changed and will remain the same until Thursday.

Lithuania (as seen by Keith Mills)

Another noisy opener after Moldova on Sunday and Poland yesterday, Lithuania opens Tuesday and the rehearsals from semi two, which is widely seen as the far tougher of the two semis.  The routine is very similar to the national final, except inflatable plastic instruments replace the real things. These get chucked in the air which is rather pointless. The red, blue and yellow lighting is great and the a dancing animation in the lights. At the end the word "FUNK" is spelt out in the lights. The vocals are a bit dodgy with the lead singer missing out on some of the run throughs. For me this gets VERY repetitive after about a minute. If this was in semi one, it would have a strong chance but it's no an opener and in this semi, I think it may miss out.

Armenia (as seen by Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Eva Rivas gives a powerful vocal performance this morning for her song Apricot Stone. She is accompanied on stage by three backing singers and a male dancer which create the right atmosphere on stage. Also featuring in this number is a flute player who joins the performance.The main two colours for this song are blue which turns to orange during the refrain. To no surprise whatsoever she has an giant apricot on stage ,whilst a smaller one is also waved about. The highlight of the act was certainly her hair which is almost knee length. The performance is looking great on screens and one would think this is one of the sure qualifiers, but with a tough semi nothing is really sure.

Israel (as seen by Marc Calleja Bayliss)

Harel Skaat makes his way to the stage clad in a brilliant grey suit. The backdrop for this song is white in order to bring out a similar effect to the national selection in which an array of bright lights were used. He is joined on stage by a pianist and two backing vocalists it seems. His vocal performance is really good yet I am sure that it can be even better in the coming days so I guess he might be holding back just a bit. The lighting is quite similar to the one we saw during the Kdam competition and therefore we do not see any changes. I am sure that this is a sure qualifier despite the early draw but the fact that it is coming after two fast songs means that he will be sailing through to the final.

Denmark (as seen by Keith Mills)

When it came to the first vocal run through this was ropier than a boy scout knot-tying competition although it did get marginally better on subsequet performances. There is zero chemistry between the singers which is only emphasised by the screen between them at the start of the song. When Mr. N'Evergreen takes Chanee by the hand to bring her off to catwalk it looks like an older brother leading his baby sister across the road. This is truly AWFUL right now and will be on the plane back to Copenhagen on Friday morning.

Switzerland (as seen by Peter Walsh)

The columns of balls are back on stage and the main colour for most of the song is , surprisingly, gold, at least it is for the choruses.  Michael is in a gold 3 piece suit, 3 female backing singers and 1 male, with a guitar. The backing singers seem to have chiffon scarves that they wave around a bit.   They walk up behind Michael at the end.  The song builds really well and he was vocally good.  There were a few tuning issues with the backing singers.  This also looks very well visually, apart from possibly too much aimless walking by the backing singers. A very good rehearsal from Switzerland.

Sweden (as seen by Keith Mills)

I have to be honest here, I had this down as the surprise non-qualifier from semi two, but based on what we just saw, this is sailing into the final. The red stage is very eye-catching and while I don't like the trick of the disappearing guitar, I'm getting used to it. The backing choir who stand on the back edge of the stage really add something to this that the taped backing vocal in the Swedish final. The big difference is Anna Bergendahl. He looks a lot more relaxed and far more animated and really has a powerful connection with camera. The performance is sweet and I think that Sweden is another guaranteed finalist.


Azerbaijan (as seen by Emil Calleja Bayliss)

The precontest favourite with the betting odds takes the stage next. Probably the Azeri's have the most elaborate stage act thus far. They have two staircases which serves as podiums, one for Safura and one for the four backing singers. As Safura descends down the stairs they light up and the staircase has a video of drops. A dancer joins the act later on. There is quite a number of strutting by the backing dancers, and the choreography is somewhat similar to what one has seen in the video. The main colour seems to be dark green whilst the backdrop seems to be foggy creating a mystical feel. Overall it looked quite professional and the vocals were very good.


Ukraine (as seen by Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Alyosha is the last to rehearse for today. She takes the stage along and after resolving some technical issues in regards to the sound levels, this song looked and sounded quite strong. The backdrop is mainly red, but changes to blue and white momentarily near the end of the song. The overall product is very strong and the set has a rock feel to it. A wind machine is used to give more of a drammatic effect but it seems that the main focus of this entry is in fact Alyosha's vocals.


Last modified on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 17:33