December 15, 2019

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 18:03

Norway: Alexander Rybak covers Fabrizio Faniello

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Alexander Rybak, last year's Eurovision winner has recently a new album 'New Boundaries'. It will be very interesting to see if the singer will remain on the European music scene after his victory in the Eurovision Song Contest last year. One of the songs on the album is a cover of a big hit song of no less than Fabrizio Faniello, Maltese entry in 2001 and 2006.

The original version sung by Fabrizio, which can be seen here, was a big hit in Scandinavia (Sweden Top 10 for several weeks, Finland Top 20) and the German speaking countries plus also a major radio hit in Belgium back in 2004. If the song will also be released as a single later is still to be seen, but it's a very interesting choice and obviously an honour that Alexander and his record chose for the song that gave Fabrizio of his biggest European hits as well as making him popular in many Asian countries. The version of Alexander can be heard here.

In the meanwhile, Fabrizio's latest single 'I No Can Do' is doing very well on the internet with over 50.000 views in only a couple weeks time. Several countries have expressed interest in the song so we'll probably be seeing and hearing much more of the Maltese singer.

Source: Press Release

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