November 19, 2019

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Saturday, 29 May 2010 14:39

ESC 2010: Our Thoughts for Tonight

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Safura from Azerbaijan who opens the competition is said to be the hot favourite, but i remain with my opinion the song and choreography is overrated, so i don't believe we will head for Baku next year.

I have no idea where Spain will end, but i think either very high or very low. The Norwegian has definitely a great song in the competition and they will be getting many points but a second victory in a row will likely not happen i think. Many think Moldova is not strong enough but the song is very catchy and makes you wanna dance. However not a hot favourite. Jon Lillygreen however is growing with every rehearsal. Will he ruin the chances of Belgian singer Tom Dice who is mentioned to be one of the big favourites tonight. We will see but it is a fact the Flemish entry in eurovision never stood such good chances to end up very high. Vukasin Brajic from Bosnia & Herzegovina might therefore be totally forgotten as he’s performing between Cyprus and Belgium.

Milan Stankovic from Serbia will definitely be going also for many votes from all over Europe, he is definitely in my top 5 for the moment. The butterflies from Belarus are over the top and I don’t believe they will end up in top 10. Ireland on the other hand might surprise. Niamh seemed to have some problems with the voice, but I’m convinced she will give a great performance tonight and might surprise many again. But in my opinion one of the biggest favourites is Greece with Opa. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends show so much energy and enthusiasm so you can’t sit still and wanna dance all along. The song is also set to be a big hit throughout the summer. Josh from the UK will therefore totally be forgotten, I even fear for one of the last places. Also Georgia will not to so well I believe as many people think. Manga from Turkey will be in top 10 for sure thanks to the Turkish diaspora but also since it’s a very decent poprocksong. The Albanian singer will be heading for place 10-15 I think, not too bad I believe.  Lovely Hera Björk from Iceland on the other hand will be getting quiet some votes also. She is currently the best selling Eurovision song in Belgium next to Tom and that’s for sure a sign for tonight.

Alyosha from Ukraine is a great performer, I just don’t know how the general public will react to the song. Jessy matador from France however will make people dance for sure, if this won’t be a big summerhit I don’t know anymore. The song is not very original, but it gives you a very good feeling and that’s what eurovision is all about, isn’t it. Playing with fire from Paula Seling and Ovi from Romania is a very typical Eurovision tune too I believe but they bring it very very strong and I see this ending for sure in top 10. The Russian song however should not even have been in the final. A very boring song, annoying voice of the singer with all respect to him as an artist. Although one should say the melody keeps in the head. Armenia has a very catchy tune with without the most beautiful female singer in this contest, Eva Rivas. This could be a dark horse for the victory I believe. This I cannot say personally from Germany which is said to be another hot favourite. I just don’t like the singer and the way she performs, but we’ll see if I’m right or wrong tonight.  Portugal has a very sweet girl on stage and the song is not that bad, but I believe in this position should have been Thea with My dream. No top 10 for Portugal I’m sure. Harel Skaat from Israel on the other hand is totally something different. An amazing voice and singer, an emotional song and a great starting order. All ingredients for a top ranking and I wouldn’t even be surprised if we are heading for Israel in 2011. But that even might also be the case for Denmark who is singing in last position. A typical eurovision tune, two great singers and a great stage act.

So as you can see it’s totally unpredictable who will run away with the trophy unlike last year when it was obvious Norway would make it. My top countries in random order are:

  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Serbia
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Israel
  • Denmark

Let the show begin! Have fun tonight!

Last modified on Monday, 10 October 2011 23:33