December 06, 2019

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 13:50

Breaking News: Düsseldorf Is Confirmed as Host

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The European Broadcasting Union has been analysing all of the possible cities and venues in Germany in order to ensure that the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest is held within the best possible combination. One of the members of the Editorial Team, Garrett Mulhall had published an article saying that he had heard from close and reliable sources that the city of Düsseldorf and the Fortuna Düsseldorf's Arena would play host to the event and this was actually confirmed today by the organising body of the annual contest.

The chosen arena actually has maximum seating capacity of 54,400 people yet due to the fact that technical equipment will be taking up a huge amount of space, the available seating capacity will be that of 24.000. The Arena is actually very well positioned within the city as it is very close to  Düsseldorf's international airport as well as the city centre. The Semi-Finals of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place on Tuesday 10th May as well as Thursday 12th May whilst the final round of the competition will be on Saturday 14th May 2011.

It is important to note that there were a total of four cities bidding to host the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and these were none other than Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Hannover. All of the four cities presented themselves in a way to make them look impressive to both the host broadcaster NDR and also the organising body of the European broadcasting Union. Several experts made visits to the four cities with all of the positives and negatives drawn out. Once everything was finalised, Düsseldorf was confirmed.

The broadcaster who will be hosting the event, NDR also released a statement through their  Director General Lutz Marmor  who said: "Düsseldorf twelve points - North Rhine-Westphalia's capital city provides the best conditions for the Eurovision Song Contest. I congratulate Düsseldorf cordially - and just as cordially I thank the other three cities for going into the race enthusiastically with attractive concepts". In the meantime, the Head of Entertainment at ARD also had something to say: "Düsseldorf scored mainly with the arena and its surroundings. More than 24,000 viewers can attend each of the two Semi-Finals, the Grand Final, and also the Dress Rehearsals. It was important to us that the most populous EU member state offers as many fans from Germany, but also from the neighboring countries, the opportunity to experience this event live. As part of the metropolitan area Rhine/Ruhr, Düsseldorf has a vast urban catchment reaching even into the Netherlands and Belgium."

Also having to comment about the decision were surely the production team who stated that the conditions of the city and the venue were just "excellent". The arena has absolutely perfect acoustics and provides enough height and space behind the scenes for the short alteration breaks between the songs. Journalists will have the best possible working conditions as well with the use of the neighboring athletic sports arena which will be re-worked into a Press Centre.


Last modified on Tuesday, 12 October 2010 21:29