January 27, 2020

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Saturday, 26 February 2011 18:43

Ukraine: National Final - LIVE

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Months ago, the Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest started and with so many songs in contention at the beginning of the competition, it is still quite a long evening to go through noting the twenty one songs that are currently vying for that illustrious ticket to represent the nation at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest set to take place within the city of Dusseldorg in Germany.

A number of acts are already being touted as possible representative of the nation which has failed to reach a disappointing placing in the last couple fo years. The show which is being broadcaster on NTU and also through the web-cast on the official site of the Eurovision Song Contest sees a mixture of English and Ukrainian, but you will be the ones to choose your favourite. Dobry vechir and enjoy the show.



Alexey Matias - Myself

Mika Newton - Angely

Jamala - Smile

Neksi - Sever-jug

El Kravchuck - Moja nadejda

Eduard Romanyuta - Berega

Armyia - Alo, alo

Vitalj Galaj - My expression

Anastasiya Prikhodko - Action

Bahroma - Cernoe more

Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Denys Povaly - Aces high

Shanis - Ya tvoja

Jemchug - Hero

Ivan Berezovskiy - Ave Maria

Tanya Vorzeva - Vsyo reseno

Elena Korneeva - Why did I say goodbye

Zaklyopki - Superhero (Uh-la-la)

Mila Nitich - Goodbye

Part 1:

Running Order:

Song 1: Zlata Ognevich - The Kukushka

One has to note that Zlata has made massive improvement coming in this evenings' show with the English being well sung. The music is quite modern actually and it is the type of genre which will surely be noted at the Eurovision Song Contest. The choreography is slick, impressive and works well on the screen although I don't know what the people think yet I believe that this is a contender for the victory this evening. A great opener to the show.

Song 2: Darya Medova - Infinity

The second song of the evening is a big ballad actually with the singer taking to the stage in a fantastic white dress reminiscent of attire that people would wear to huge award shows actually. The vocal performance is stunning and the backing vocal does a great job with the harmonies. The problem with ballads is that they might sound generic but this one oozes charm and emotion. A very good entry once more and it seems that NTU have put in a lot of effort this year.


Song 3: Jemchug - Hero

Nice dresses to go with this ballad. Their English is not so good but they sing very well apart and together. I think the background is a little too dark for this song, it has a lot of energy so a little more light should be appropriate.

Song 4: Bahroma - Cernoe more

The lighting fits the stage. I think that the song is a little boring. The camera only shows the lead singer and I think that they should show the whole band. Another point are the microphones. The sound is too low you can barely understand what the artists are singing.

Song 5: Alexey Matias - Myself

Nice song but not for Eurovision. The fireworks don't fit the song. He has a great voice. The outfits all match because they're all in tuxedo's. The lighting is lighter than before but it's still darkish.

Song 6: Jamala - Smile

The hot favourite of this year. You definitely wanna smile :-). She's wearing an orange poofy dress. Her backing vocals are wearing 50's dresses, which match. I like the different styles in this song. She has an amazing voice :-). Smile!


Amazing song interval act

Song 7: Mila Nitich - Goodbye

She has an amazing voice and an amazing dress too. Her voice reminds me a little of Céline Dion. The lighting fits this beautiful ballad perfectly. Her English is very good.

Song 8: Elena Korneeva - Why did I say goodbye

A powerful voice this singer has. Her English is average but you forget that because it's a nice pop song.

Song 9: Denys Povaly - Aces high

This singer has a nice voice and his English is nice. The lighting for the sing is a little dark, the dancers don't get good lighting, they look great though, they match the singer.

Song 10: El Kravchuck - My hope

This is a very talented artist they just said, he has a great voice with a great song. The lighting fits the song, but again some memebers of the band are in the dark at some times. But this was a very great entry.

Song 11: Shanis - Ya tvoja

She has really nice dancers. This is another ballad and I like it too, I like ballads and this is one of them. She has a great voice. The lighting fits the song perfectly again. And a very powerful end.

Song 12: Vitalj Galaj - My expression

Very up-tempo and energetic song. His English could be better. The outfits from the dancers are weird. He has some difficulties with the notes. And it doesn't kill him to dance along with the dancers. Scandal! He can't go to Düsseldorf because he uses vocals in his backing track and this is against the rules! It was a nice song if he worked on the points I wrote down.

Piano interval act

Song 13: Mika Newton - Angely

It's a very nice ballad but her English is not the best, I can't understand what she's singing, a pity it's a nice song, but she has an amazing voice. She's wearing a white dress. The dancers are using mirrors which is really nice. They look like angles which fits the song of course. A really big ending. I like it.

Song 14: Eduard Romanyuta - Berega

His voice sounds young but great. He is the youngest participant. I like the song it's a pop-rock song the outfits match the song and each other. It's very energetic. The fireworks coming out the guitar suit the song really nice.

Song 15: Tatyana Vorzheva - Vse resheno

She has a nice choreography. She is born in Germany but looks very Ukrainian. Her song is quite ordinary nothing special, just like her voice. Her English can be better. Scandals are flying around. She has a dancer too many and the head of the jury wants to disqualify this entry too but Ruslana sticks up for Tatyana. This entry is disqualified too because there were 7 people on stage instead of 6.

Song 16: Ivan Berezovskiy - Ave Maria

He has a nice voice. This is a nice ballad, his voice suits the song. His backing vocals are amazingly good. They all match perfectly: outfits and voice. I really like this song, it's a really classical song.


Song 17: Zaklyopki - Superhero (Uh-la-la)

I really the gowns of these singers, they are dressed in bright pink, blue & green. Their English could be better, it's a nice pop song though. In the middle of the songs their gowns become cocktail dresses. It was very energetic but nothing special.

Song 18: Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Again an amazing voice and again bad English. This song is not appealing to me, I would personally switch to something else but that's my taste. I don't know about this song.

Song 19: Anastasiya Prikhodko - Action

A familiar face now. The 2009 representative for Russia. Her outfit is lady gagaish. This is an electro pop song. She has an amazing voice and this is an amazing song. This could do well actually.

Part 2:

Interval act from a former participant from this year's Ukrainian selection.


Interval act.

Recap of all the songs. And again.

The tele-voting lines have been closed.

Results are ready to be made public.

The winner is Mika Newton with 'Angels'! Second is Zlata Ognevich with 'The Kukushka' and third is Jamala with 'Smile'.

Last modified on Saturday, 26 February 2011 22:13