January 27, 2020

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Friday, 11 February 2011 19:15

Malta Eurovision 2011: Semi-Final

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The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has been given quite a lot of importance on our web portal this week of course noting that we always touching the local base quite strongly. This week, our Editor-In-Chief, Marc Calleja Bayliss, was present within the Press Centre at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta following all of the latest news with regards to all of the participating entries in this years' competition. There has been constant improvement for all songs but what has been highly acclaimed this week is the high level production by the Public Broadcasting Services.

Therefore, enough with the introductions and as they say in Malta, "Il-Lejla t-Tajba" and welcome to the live report of the semi-final of this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is being fronted by newscaster Keith Demicoli and popular presenter Valerie Vella whilst the green room host is none other than Committee member Peter Carbonaro who has been aiding with regards to the press relations of each entry. We will be following the twenty-four (24) entries in great detail whilst keep you posted on how the show will turn out.

The Show (Part 1):

The show starts with Thea Garett singing her 2010 Eurovision entry "My Dream". I still like this entry and it should've qualified for the final in 2010. It was the exact choreography from the Eurovision Song Contest. She sung the song perfectly and finished with the famous high note. She nailed it!

The hosts are now introducing the jury.

Running Order:

01. Amber - Catch 22 (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)

A Jazzy song opens the show. The song starts slowly and then suddenly a beat pops up. The dress she wore at the beginning was being ripped of her body to reveal a latex looking pants. She is being accompanied by 3 male dancers and 2 female backing vocals. The lighting also fits the songs jazziness.

02. Kurt Calleja - Over and Over (Johan J'Amtberg / Kurt Calleja)

This song gives me a good mood with the guitar and great voice this singer has. A female drummer joins them together with two other guitarists and a backing vocal. I think the background is kinda weird but I think it represents arrows and has something to do with the song title.

03. Cherise Grixti - Heart of Glass (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

The first ballad of the evening. She's wearing a blue gown, but next time she should wear something else, because this dress makes her look a little fat and she's not. She's accompanied by 2 female backing vocals, a male & a female dancer. She has a nice voice.

04. Wayne Micallef - Everybody Sing (Wayne Micallef)

A great voice this singer has, he's accompanied by a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist along with two female backing vocals. The 'I' in the song sounds not so right to me, it sounds a little boring because of it's length. But it's nice to see a band on stage. The lighting fits the style of the song: rocky.

05. Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Well she has awesome make up to begin with. Her outfit fits the style of the song and I like it. I also like her voice and she can really sing! It's not my type of music but she's doing great. It's a song with balls. The lighting & background fit the song well.

06. Klinsmann and Ben - This Love (Klinsmann / Jonathan Spiteri)

This is a nice song. The two singers, who are seated, really fit together. Just like their outfits. The background is really romantic with pink hearts. In the middle of the song it changes to white flowers and they stand up. This was a feel good song, maybe the background was a little too girly or maybe they wanted to reach out to all the women.


07. Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotised (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

The four female backing vocals start the song in a dark blue with pink lighting stage. Then Eleanor starts to sing and she's doing great. This is a nice ballad and with those backing vocals it gives it something more. She's wearing a black and white dress in latex looking fabric by the way. If she's going to Eurovision I would suggest something else to wear. The song is finished and I think this has been an amazing performance.

08. Domenique - I'll Follow the Sunshine (Ralph Siegel / Bernd Meinunger)

This singer has four dancers with her on stage who are also her backing vocals. They are wearing a weird looking mask on the back of their heads.  It's a nice pop song and she's singing quite well. The dancers turn around and reveal their faces. She had some troubles with the high notes but there is enough time to work on that.

09. Rosman Pace - You'll Never Know (Stephen D Cook / Jordin Milnes)

He starts singing with three backing vocals all dressed in black, suddenly two female dancers join them dressed in a green glitter cocktail dresses. Nice touch. Nice vocals too. The lighting & background fits the song as always. The choreography looks a little messy though, but again enough time to work on that.

10. Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelinck / Mathias Strasser)

The Pianist starts the song and then Raquela starts singing her ballad in a beautiful purple dress. Her four backing vocals are dancing a little, which is nice, you don't have to exaggerate with a ballad. They're also wearing purple dresses, but slightly darker than the one from Raquela. Meanwhile Raquela hit the high note at the end of her song. And to inform you a little this song is co-written by a Belgian (a fellow-countryman)

11. Sophie - Love to Love You (Elton Zarb / Sophie Debattista)

Five backing vocals for this singer. Nice pop sound. She's wearing a really short black dress on a dark background, maybe next time she should change the lighting a little or her clothes so she would pop out. It is a happy pop song, sung quite well so it deserves some popping out.

12. Petra - Unintentional (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace)

This reminds me of Jamaica with the melody and the colours in the background. But it's sung great, she has an amazing voice. Her backing vocals are also amazing. This was nice to watch to. What else do I have to say, it was great!


13. Baklava - Moon Dance (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

A violin opens the song, very Alexander Rybak. When the singer starts singing it becomes up-tempo with a drum, 3 basses and the violin off course. I really like it. All dressed in red and black they pop op from the background. Near the end it slows down a little to come to an end. The vocals were great. This was an amazing performance!

14. Jamie Tonna - Lost Without You (Mark Debono / Aidan O'Connor)

This is another ballad. The singer is accompanied by 4 backing vocals (2 male ones & 2 female ones). The red, whit and black background fit the clothes of the singer and the song. He has a special but great voice.

15. Amber - Touch Wood (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

The singer stands alone at first but then her 3 female dancers join her on stage. She begins to sing her song and 2 more female dancers join the others. It's a nice choreography and Amber is dancing along sometimes which I think is a good thing. She's wearing little green dress and it suits her. The song has finished and she sung her song with an amazing voice. Great performance.

16. Anna Azzopardi - Unfaithful (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit)

This singer is also wearing green, but a suit. While her 2 female dancers are wearing black lingerie like clothes on stage. Her 3 backing vocals are wearing 3 black cocktail dresses. Her voice is quite special and she's singing great. This was another great entry.

17. Marilena ft. Michael - He's A Demon (Anthony Grech / Michael Henry)

Marilena is wearing red while everyone else is wearing black. Four backing vocals are accompanying them (3 women and 1 man). The background is showing fire which suits the song. Michael has a very special sound and he's not singing a lot in this song. Marilena was singing quite nice but I was getting a little bored.

18. Glen Vella - One Life (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

This guy looks great in the red! 3 Female backing vocals and 2 male dancers are wearing black and a red mask. He's singing this song really good and he's even making the public clapping along so this means it's got a great melody, and it has.

19. JAnvil - Topsy-Turvy (A Zammit / N Mooney / J Gladnikoff / N Turner / D Grech)

He's got a special sound in his voice. I already like the melody and the starts in the background suit the song very much. A nice choreography too done by his 3 male dancers but the 2 female singers are doing a great job too. This is a high energy song. And the end with Maltese flag was SUPER!

20. Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down (Philip Vella / Jessica Muscat)

She's wearing a lovely pink dress and matching shoes! she's singing amazingly. She is accompanied by 3 female backing vocals and 2 male dancers. I like the fact that the dancers are wearing a touch of pink. This really is a great song sung really great. She has no trouble with the high notes. Amazing performance!

21. Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money

I already like the intro and the crowd started to scream a little. She reminds of Ani Lorak in that dress. She has 3 female backing vocals helping her. It's like she's holding back a little. I think she's got a lot more to give. But this already is a great performance. She has sometimes trouble to sing the notes but I say let's forgive her. She performed great.

22. Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender (Johan Bejerholm / Johan Stentorp)

I've already seen him at the Eurovision Song Contest, so he actually has the experience. But the song is amazing too, just like his voice. He's having fun on stage. The lighting fits the song great. Nice performance from his guitarist and 2 female backing vocals too. High energetic song. Will he return to Eurovision? He has a big chance.

23. Ally - Numb (Ally)

A slow start at the piano and then energy with her guitarists, drummer and with a keyboard. It's nice to see that they're all women. Her outfit is amazing and so is the lighting, it both fits the song. She has a great voice and has no difficulties to reach high notes, well done.

24. Richard Edwards - Finally (Jan Van Dijck / Richard Micallef)

Another piano start, then the singing starts. Amazing voice and a slower song after all that energy is welcome. The lighting fits the song perfectly. The band was pretty amazing too. They looked like they were made for each other. This was a great performance.


The Show (Part 2):

The second part starts with the hosts explaining how to vote I think (I don't speak Maltese). Then a recap of all the songs is being shown. After this recap we're now in the greenroom with Peter and all the artists. The lines for the tele-voting have just been closed and it's time for another break.


We're now back in the greenroom and Peter is interviewing the artists.

After this interview with the artists we're going back to watch Thea Garett. She's wearing an amzing dress and singing a great song. This would be great for Eurovision too, too bad she's not competing. After her song the hosts are interviewing Thea. When they're finished she's going to sing another song. It's a beautiful ballad and suddenly a male singer pops up. She has no trouble with the high notes. What a beautiful song. WOW!

Now the Polish Eurovision 2010 entry 'Legenda' will be performed by Marzin Mrozinski. He has a great voice, but it was never one of my favourites.

Time for a little comedy, a clip with former Maltese representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest but with humor.

Back to the greenroom for a little interviewing.

Now it's time for the results! The results have been revealed and it's the end of the show. I hope you all enjoyed this show, I know I did.

Thanks to PBS for this magnificent show and for all the artists to give their performance of a lifetime. Check back tomorrow to see a live report of the final.

Last modified on Saturday, 12 February 2011 09:09