February 21, 2020

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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 14:48

Malta: New Music Project for Red Electrick

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Red Electrick is a band with a genuine love of music. With many elements at play in their collective sound, it’s safe to say that their passion is fuelled as much by the bluesy swagger of 70s rock as it is by punk’s needle-sharp guitar angst, the bittersweet skanked-up rhythms that the 2-Tone era revelled in and an indie frame of mind. Now add a dash of Mediterranean sunshine to it all and you’re pretty much on the mark. The five-man line-up that is Red Electrick has been firing up the Maltese airwaves in recent years with a brace of singles that also propelled the band to the forefront of the island’s music scene. 

Of course, their success was boosted even further thanks to the band’s charged live performances, much talked-about events that never fail to deliver the goods whether they’re unplugged or not. What makes the band work so well is most likely to do with the artistic diversity of its individual members. Not only do they bring a variety of musical influences to the table, they’re all pretty different characters too, which usually comes in handy when it comes to igniting their creative spark. The band’s debut album last year, ‘Vine Lady’, is a fine example of just how different, yet consistently effervescent Red Electrick can be; small wonder then that it has been critically acclaimed as a firm stepping stone for this band that is simply brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Their five different personalities combine together, creating that ‘Red Electrick Spark’

The band has also made its name abroad, namely in Denmark and Austria, whilst last Summer, they had the opportunity to do a mini-tour in London, which surely made a huge impact on all 5 members, after an incredible response. Playing live is what the band is known for. They create a certain vibe in every gig they play, whether if its to a few people or to a filled up club. They are greatly followed by the Maltese public, and every gig is always packed up and every fan is always looking forward to the next gig. A new venture is now in the making named “Red Electrick – the unplugged sessions”. The band have decided to test the waters with an approximate 90 minute feature which will consist of the band doing unplugged sessions and short interviews to get up close and personal with the band.


Red Electrick did what they do best and let JP Gatt do what he does best, that is, capturing everything through a lense. JP Gatt is well known for his artistic abilities. Infact, he was the one that filmed and directed Airport Impression’s “Walk with me” music video. JP was the obvious choice as he understood what the band wanted out of this project straight away. This new venture from Red Electrick will give each and every viewer/listener the opportunity to have an inside look on who the boys really are and see them perform unplugged. It will also be a great opportunity for the ‘first time’ acquaintances to this band to get to know their music and I can assure you, that you will be thrilled!

Launch details of this new project from one of Malta’s number one band will be out very soon. Watch out their Facebook page or log into their official site for more information about the band itself and all that concerns them. Also, stay tuned to ESCFlashmalta.com, the only site that brings you all the exclusive entertainment local and international news. Last but not least, keep supporting our local artists and their music, because that’s what keeps these kind of bands and artists going!

Source: Eileen Spiteri (PR Representative)