February 21, 2020

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Friday, 04 May 2012 01:40

Malta: DJ Ruby featuring Laura Jee Reach the Top Position

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Another week has gone by, and Bay Radio gives you once again the latest hits from the Maltese Islands. There are a number of  acts that are successfully managing to interact with the people through the medium of music. There is a quintessential line-up of stars, all vying for that elite number 1 position but nevertheless, some people have to settle for the other positions in the top ten. Bay radio has aided in promoting local talent to a larger extent by virtue of taking on tracks which they deem fit to be played on the station. The chart show hosted every Saturday by Nathan D at 13:30CET has once more been through another edition. Below you will hear the tracks of the top ten along with biographical information about each respective act. Well done to all of the acts! 

This week’s number 10 and number 9 are two brand new entries. At number 10 stands a fresh new Maltese band with their new single Bullets and Poetry. Saving Alexis is a pop-rock quartet fueled up with teenage energy and fresh sounds. Composed of four locals – three of them Gozitan – the band is based in Marsa, Malta. Since 2008, they have shared stages with several established Maltese acts such as Skimmed, and have played in numerous high profile events, such as Notte Bianca in ’08,’09 and ’10. In May of 2010, the first single “Lipstick Lies” was recorded with the help of producers Kenny D’Ugo and Dave Calleja and released to the airwaves. After one week of airplay on 89.7 Bay Radio, the song debuted at 6th place in the Bay Radio Malta’s Top 10 Chart. It eventually moved up to 1st place where it stayed for four consecutive weeks. The song’s success led to further airplay on other radio stations such as XFM 100.2, Radio 101 and Galaxy Radio, and to the band’s nomination for the Best Newcomers Award at the 2010 Bay Music Awards. In late 2010, new lead guitarist Chris “Red” was introduced to Saving Alexis to coincide with the recording of the second single. Ocean Deep was officially released in January of 2011 and eventually reached 1st place in Bay Radio’s Malta’s Top 10 Chart, marking two consecutive number one singles for the band. In all, the single spent 11 weeks in the chart. In the summer of 2011, the band’s third single, High on July” was released, accompanied by a music video filmed and produced by Nick Morales and No Sweat Productions. Featuring ska guitars and rap verses, the song slowly climbed to the number one spot in Bay Radio’s Malta’s Top 10 Chart, hence confirming the third consecutive number one single. Musical influences vary a lot for Saving Alexis, from classical jazz to more modern rock n’ roll. Apart from music, other influences include everything from the street lights to the movie life, Japan, speed, love n’ hate.


At number 9 stands Cruz’s latest single, Have it all. CRUZ was formed in late 2009 that brought about different flares of pop, funk, disco, and electronic-rock. After a few months of work (the garage days!) the band played live in some local bars followed by a summer packed of events including MTV Malta Music Week, Beer Fest and supporting act for the local band Winter Moods. For such a 'young' band, the Winter Moods gig, won through a competition, was the highlight of the summer, with a performance in front of a 10, 000 and more strong audience. Cruz's first single 'Red Tape' was then released on Malta's top radio stations. Ending the year with a bang, Cruz won the Bay Band Award at The 2010 Bay Music Awards in December and on New Years Eve Cruz, were announced winners of the prestigous TVM VIEWERS CHOICE award from the BMAS 2010. 2011 was a change-making year for CRUZ which saw a fresh face on the drums as Melchior Busuttil (full time endorsed drummer) joined the scene. a lot of hard work and a comittment to excellence paid off once again as 2011 CRUZ single STALK HAWK was met with incredible feedback by radios and the media alike. STALK HAWK' paved the way for CRUZ to become winners of the BEST NEW ARTIST AWARD at the Malta Music Awards 2011. 


And after several weeks in the top 3, Wintermoods, Miss You, has gone down to position number 8, after last week’s position number 7. It’s like the ‘odd-one-out’ of the chart, since firstly, it is a ballad, and secondly, its lyrics are so deep. Nonetheless, Wintermoods was, is and will remain the most loved Maltese band, no matter what position their songs are in the charts. inter Moods was formed in mid-eighties. Two young musicians, including bassist Joseph Rizzo were in a band in search for a vocalist. They took on a friend still in his teens, Ivan Grech. They preferred music over everything else in life. They met frequently in a garage in Senglea on cold grey days to put together their own original songs. Thus the mood, thus the name of the band – Winter Moods. The early years were all about playing in front of a crowd. The local music scene was ripe with activity. Bands came and went, some making more noise than others. Only one band stood the test of time, evolving and adapting itself to the changes in the music scene. Etienne Robinich joined on keyboards. During the nineties the emergence of new radio stations put an emphasis on airplay. Winter Moods released their first single Sarah, which was an instant hit with listeners. This song remains one of the band’s most popular tracks to this day. ‘Sarah’ was included in the band’s first CD album released in 1996. Self-titled Winter Moods, the album was reminiscent of the members’ original influences. Guitarist Melvin Caruana was the last member to join the band in 1997. Shortly after, in 2000, the band went on to launch their next CD album, Morning Ale.


In the meantime, Ordinary Men became the band’s best selling album to date, and includes the band’s most famous song ‘Marigold’.The band’s youngest member, Karl Fenech joined in 2009 to play on drums. Winter Moods celebrated their silver anniversary in 2010 with the launch of a new album , ‘Argento’. Winter Moods etched their name in Maltese music history by performing in front of 10,000 people at The Granaries, Floriana in July 2010. It was the largest ever Maltese crowd to attend a paying concert by a Maltese artist. Winter Moods only superseded their own 2008 record when over 7500 people had turned up for their concert at the Valletta Waterfront. Over the years Winter Moods garnered several awards. The band was voted as the Best Band at six editions of the Malta Music Awards (1997, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010). Winter Moods also received the Best Song award for their timeless hit ‘Marigold’ (2007) and ‘My Neverland’ (2010), and the Best Song Writer award for Ivan Grech in 2007 and 2010. In 2008 the band was awarded the Legends Award – the first time such an award was handed out. During the Bay Music Awards 2004 Winter Moods were awarded the Icon Award for their on going contribution to the Maltese music scene and for the success their countless singles have had on 89.7 Bay. During the Bay Music Awards 2005 the band won best single of the year award for ‘Closer’ and the best single of all time award for ‘Everyday Song’. In 2007 the band garnered a further three BMAs this time for Best Band, Best Song (Marigold) and the Viewers’ Choice.


Lyndsay’s Runaway, moves up to position number 7, after last week’s entry in position number 8. Lyndsay has had several top 10 hits in Malta including System Overload, Zip It Up and Going Under.  She has been a resident singer on several prime time entertainment shows in Malta and was also part of an all girl band called Vieve. Christabelle’s new single, Say is continuing its race with Lindsay’s single, and this week, the young artist is at position number 6. It has a very particular feel, very ‘international sound’, very different style from her. She is one of Malta’s most prominent young singers that has busted the music scene, scooping up Music Awards and shooting to number 1 on the radio charts with every single release! She is currently studying and living in Malta but co-works and writes her music with a London producer and every couple of months she is in London recording her songs in studios the likes of Metropolis. She has been in the music scene from age 4. By 12 she had already participated and placed in numerous local festivals and gone on to participate in international ones.   In 2003 she was invited by Joanna Franchi to take part in the ‘Golden Magnolia’ held in Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans America. There she won the F.I.D.O.F. award for the best most outstanding young performer. This set her off to further ventures and training including memorable ones under Seth Riggs (who trained the likes of Michael Jackson) whom she met at an SLS (Speech Level Singing) Camp in Los Angeles in 2006.  Performing in front of a small crowd is n’ t what one would consider to be as the most memorable performance in their life but for Christabelle it happened that summer when she was asked to perform in front of some decision making people in the US music industry.  She was asked to fly back to Los Angeles the following year and recorded her first 3 songs abroad and for her that was it. As she builds her repertoire of new releases, develops her talent for song writing and co-producing and turns into an artist, Christabelle is currently working on her 1st album and is ready to be launched. 


Bridget Bone retain position number 5 for the third week in a row, with the song Gregory Jackson. Having broken into the local scene only a couple of months ago, Bridget Bone is a relatively young, 4 peice band. The idea to form the band came back in 2007 when Julian Borg (Drums) and Karl Gauci (Vocals & Guitars) came up with the idea to form an alternative rock band. The idea came during an open air gig at Ta’ Qali. Neither of them played instruments and after 3 months Karl had started to play the guitar and a year after Julian had started the drums. After some time they contacted Keith Sammut and he decided to join them as a guitarist. Their search for a fourth member inevitably led them to long time close friend, Bertram, who joined the band as bassist. In 2008 Bridget Bone then got their hands on a decent place to jam and from there onwards new ideas and grungy riffs started to form Bridget Bone. After a year Keith Sammut (Guitars) left the band due to his intense studies and although this was a very hard decision, he still manages to come and jam with the band as old habits die hard. He was replaced by the newest member of the band Andrew Francica (Guitars). Bridget Bone are now working on some new songs as well as setting up gigs for the near future.


Paul from Red Electrick has kept last week’s position, position number 4. They will soon be launching their new project in the local cinemas, after filming their ‘un-plugged’ sessions of their songs, and this single is one of them. I’m talking about Red Electrick, who have proven to be an excellent band with great potential. ‘Paul’ is very simple song, with a superb male vocal and really smooth instruments (piano and guitar mainly). What makes the band work so well is most likely to do with the artistic diversity of its individual members. Not only do they bring a variety of musical influences to the table, they’re all pretty different characters too, which usually comes in handy when it comes to igniting their creative spark. The band’s debut album, ‘Vine Lady’ is a fine example of just how different, yet consistently effervescent Red Electrick can be; small wonder then that it has been critically acclaimed as a firm stepping stone for this band that is simply brimming with energy and enthusiasm. And this week’s top three remain nearly the same as last week, with a slight expcetion in the first two positions …


Position Number 3: For Strings Inn, with the song Julie July. For Strings Inn is a four-piece band which was founded in Malta in 2008 when the owners ran into each other after their long separate journeys up and down the hills of music. Feeling stronger and full of energy they decided to fuse 'For Strings Inn' through their common influences in style. Having already formed part of other legendary underground local bands, the individuals forming this band need no introduction with the Maltese music lovers. So 'For Strings Inn' welcomes you to their inn, in which the music here is still fresh and nothing like anything ever heard before. In 2009 'For Strings Inn' entered Temple studios Malta to record their first Extended Play. The EP, '…with Strings attached', was launched in December 2010. From this EP the band released their first two singles, 'Beyond Infinity' and 'Strada Bar'. These two tracks entered the Maltese top ten charts, and also got great response from their respective fans. Apart from numerous promotional local gigs in 2010, together with other local and foreign bands, the band also performed 7 shows during two mini tours in Denmark and France. Indeed they got great response from the public which still shows to date with the continuous extension of their fan base. 2011 was another year full of events for 'For Strings Inn'. In the studio together with renowned producer David Vella of Temple Studios, who worked with great producers such as Mike Hedges (Cure, Travis) and Phil Vinall (Placebo, Radiohead), 'For Strings Inn' are planning the release of another set of singles to open the route for a full length album. They released their 3rd single 'Morning Star' in August and 4th single 'Julie July' in March '12 both accompanied by a music video directed and produced by nick morales/hotshoeflash.


Position Number 2: features JJoy Feat. Kelly Stelfox with the club song Love Hangover which has been co-written by Gerard James Borg, which went down from position number 1 after 2 weeks, whilst position number 1, this week, is proudly owned by Dj. Ruby feat.Laura Jee, with the song Defencless. Both Dj’s are renowed in our islands and they seem that they will be continue battling for the first two positions of the chart. Who knows?! Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com to know each week the latest updates in the Maltese charts.

Source; 89.7 Bay Radio

Last modified on Friday, 04 May 2012 09:45