December 08, 2019

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Thursday, 20 September 2012 15:07

Malta: Resounding Success for Upcoming Talent

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When it comes to the Maltese Islands, it has been noted of a subsequent number of events that musical talent is pretty much existent in a variety of ages but then again when it is being given in larger doses within upcoming performers, it becomes even more important as it would be shaping out a successful future not only for the individuals concerned but also for the country to be blessed with such aspiring talent. Throughout the year, several victories abroad have been reported and is proud to mention even more as achieved in the Microfono D'Oro competition in Italy as well as in the A Star is Born festival in Hungary where students of Rita Pace, Kaya and Miriam Christine did their best and were ultimately rewarded with positive results.

Sonia Muscat, the winner of the television programme Arpeggi on NET Television had just been awarded the top prize in the Pulcinella D'Oro, which is in turn a prestigious contest where artists perform songs in Neapolitan as well as from their respective country. It seems that Italy will become her favourite place to be with yet another successful outing on both evenings placing first with the track Il-Festa and second with Volero' composed by Marco Debono and penned by Rita Pace. On the other hand, another competitor by the name of Aidan Cassar finished in second place with the track Eternita' originally performed by Janica Mangion with music by Mark Scicluna and lyrics by Rita Pace. Apart from this, he also managed to win the Premio Per La Simpatia for his performance of the track Grande Mai composed by Dominic Cini and penned by Rita Pace. This was an even more special prize because Rita Pace was competing against people whose language was natively spoken in the same aforementioned country and therefore, winning the coveted award for the best lyrics of the evening extremely fetching. In the meantime, Rita is currently working on a number of tracks for a foreign artist so stay tuned for more in the next couple of months.

Moving slightly across the continent to the nation of Hungary, three local upcoming stars did the country proud with two of them even managing to win their respective categories. In fact, Enya Magri has been crushing the competition all around the world noting that she has a stellar record in competitions having also just won the Tra La La Festival held in the FYR Macedonia whilst Sarah Bonnici is also coming off a victory at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna composed by Miriam Christine and penned by Joe Chircop. The festival was well split up into two respective categories with the first evening being performances in English and the second evening showcasing the artists' talent in their respective language. Kaya, the vocal coach of Enya composed the track Mhux Li Kien which was well received hence the respective result. The organizers of the competition were honoured to have welcomed the Maltese to Hungary showing admiration beyond compare and earning the respect of other competitors. All of the respective opportunities associated with the past two competitors were given thanks to Stardust Promotions. Enya is ready to represent Malta in another competition in Estonia before the scholastic years commences and we at would like to wish her the very best of luck.

Source: Press Releases (Kaya / Rita Pace)

Last modified on Friday, 21 September 2012 15:51