February 21, 2020

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Thursday, 04 October 2012 04:11

Malta: Big Names for KSU Pepsi Campus Fest 2012

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Several aspects of education have to be dealt with accordingly in order to ensure that each respective individual is making the most of his life and that is why the University of Malta does more to promote not only the typical lectures which come with every respective course but also to having a social life within other institutions that ultimately make the all round experience more vital. KSU is the representative student body of the educational facility and it has helped improve the life of students through a number of projects in the years gone by with a recently elected council looking to continue doing more of the same. This years' edition of the Freshers Week will ultimately come to a close this Friday evening with the KSU Pepsi Campus Fest 2012, featuring a host of local talent coming from the radio scene as per the collaboration brought forward annually with 89.7 Bay which is the officially station on Campus.

The local music scene has been greatly developing in the past couple of weeks, months and years and therefore, several teenagers or rather people moving out of their teens are getting more accustomed to a particular sound on the radio and these are exactly the type of bands that the Student Council is bringing forward to the event which is being sponsored a number of major companies as you can see on the Official Facebook Event. Amongst the names that are set to perform, there are Jane Doe, Relikc, Dolls for Idols, Red Electrick and Fakawi in that respective order. The level of professionalism in this years' organization is surely to be commended for noting that Zoe Farrugia and Ryan Grech responsible for the Culture & Entertainment Office are surely putting in the work to be remembered by the end of their respective term whilst making sure that their fellow peers enjoy themselves. It has to be pointed out that most of the groups in the line-up have been featured in one way or another on escflashmalta.com and that is why, we are proud to collaborate as a media outlet for this event which is free of charge and will be taking place Friday night on Campus.

Source: The KSU Pepsi Campus Fest 2012 Official Event Page


Last modified on Thursday, 04 October 2012 04:48