January 19, 2020

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Friday, 09 November 2012 11:30

BMA 2012: Looking up to the New Generation

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Throughout the years, 89.7 Bay has grown into a radio station of the public, one that plays the right selection of music across the whole day and never fails to miss a chord with any of the listeners. The Bay Music Awards were created nine years ago with one aim and that is to make sure that the tracks which have received a lot of praise and momentum throughout the year get attention once more in a star studded ceremony which takes place yearly in December. This years' edition which will once more be held in the Bay Arena on Wednesday, 12th December will be running under the theme Party Like it's the End with clear reference to the craze that swept the world a couple of months back that the world is coming to an end. escflashmalta.com and 89.7 Bay have collaborated with each other quite a bit this year including interviews with local artists and also featuring Nathan D in a number of features in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest but nevertheless, the time to promote the awards has come and today, proceedings are kicked off with the Best Newcomer noting fiece competition from three talented groups and a solo performer.

Some of the acts which have been nominated have just released their debut radio material including none other than the band Planet Seed  which features bass player; Liam Spiteri, drummer; Chris Galea, keyboards player; Etienne Scicluna, lead guitarist; Stefan Farrugia, and guitarist/vocalist; Klinsmann Coleiro whom many will recall from his days at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest where he has even finished as high at third in the final results. Nevertheless, the focus is on the band whose debut single entitled It's Gonna Be Ok was well received by listeners of the radio station climbing up to number one in a short space of time garnering massive airplay. There has been a lot of dedication from the group towards their beginning, so much so that even a music video has been filmed to fully support the track which will of course be performed on the night of the 2012 edition Bay Music Awards. Following their stint at the ceremony, many should expect more music to come out of this talented bunch. 


Next up in this category is a duo actually who cannot be more different than the first nominated act showing clear diversity for what the people represent in terms of music selection on 89.7 Bay. In fact, Lost Emotions is a duo made up of Anthony Meachen and Steven Psaila whose element is surely the genre of dance. They had worked separately in the past but now since joining forces, they have become a dynamic force in the local music industry. The tracks that they have released onto radio included Rain featuring the vocalist Amelia as well as Paradise Bay featuring another female vocalist, this time in the form of Larissa. Both tracks were once more very well received but the latter was a huge summer hit and could be heard on several beaches near the sea especially in a number of parties that headlined in the country during the warm couple of months that have just passed by. There is an audience for this type of music but technically speaking, one does indeed have to be in the mood to listen to the tracks which they have brought forward to make the industry look more current.


Act number three to garner a nomination is one of the most successful all female girl bands to grace the music stage of the Maltese Islands noting that it has been slightly problematic to get consistency with this particular form of act in the past. Cryptic Street are looking to change that and despite their young age, they are working hard to ensure that success is just around the corner. It is worth noting that they have a great backing in the form of Matthew James and Peter Borg from Red Electrick respectively who helped them out with their debut single Indecisive which features a mixture of pop/rock with that hint of indie thrown in. The girl band is made up of five individuals, Julia Hickey on drums, Leona Farrugia on rhythm guitar, Chiara Sacco on bass guitar, Denise Gilford on keyboard and Janelle Borg on lead guitar but what is impressive is that they all have a role within the vocal department making them the ultimate threat to the industry. Look out for these girls in the future because there is something special about them.


The fourth and final performer to be nominated for this award is actually the only solo performer who has been around for quite some time but is suddenly busy in the studio recording a number of songs which are receiving a lot of airplay support. This is none other than Dimal. In fact, his most recent effort comes in the form of Let's Make It Happen which features the renowned pop artist; Lyndsay. In the past, Dimal also released award winning tracks such as Shake It, Shake It with Maddee and that surely gives him a little bit of an edge in this respective category. He comes from a field which in my opinion is not well represented in Malta, that being of Hip Hop and R'n'B but then again, what he does, he manages to do it well and that is what makes him a true solid artist. Dimal will be joined on stage by Lindsay for a performance of their latest single and it is set to be quite exhilirating according to our information. 


This was the first in a series of features that escflashmalta.com has planned for the 2012 edition of the Bay Music Awards and that is because people have to party as if it's the end of the world. In order to vote for the Best Newcomer Award, it is vital to send an sms with either of these acts' respective name sakes as show in the article in bold to 50615301. It is worth noting that this particular award has been given to some spectacular acts in the past who have become some of the most popular individuals and groups in the local music industry. Therefore, technically speaking, that is why, one has to look up to these acts because they represent the music scene of tomorrow rather than the one of the day. The voting is open until the 5th December which is roughly just less than a month. Make sure to get cracking and stay tuned to both escflashmalta.com and 89.7 Bay for all of the latest updates from this years' edition of the prestigious music awards.

Source: escflashmalta.com, 89.7 Bay

Last modified on Friday, 09 November 2012 11:52