November 23, 2019

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:15

Malta: More Success for Fabrizio Faniello

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The start of the twenty first century had been known to bring about a number of changes in the local music industry but it is worth pointing out that just prior to that, a brand new male vocalist in the form of Fabrizio Faniello was born and from then onwards, it has been a constant fight for success, which in most cases has also been attained. The renowned performer has already managed to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions received mixed results with his final participation putting his career in doubt but working through difficulties is part of the game and ultimately, he has returned with new material and with a solid set of fans who will always be around to support his work. His most recent single entitled The Hardest Thing written by Wayne Hector, Elliot Kennedy and Gary Barlow taken off his fifth studio album Surrender is already doing well abroad especially following the video release which was an exclusive.

Considering that Fabrizio Faniello has been to the European showcase at least twice, it seems that he does have an audience which prefers listening to his vocal and in fact, he could be found at number #1 on the chart which is compiled by ahead of acts who did better than him at the event when they competed including none other than Ani Lorak, Lena, Patricia Kaas, Ott Lepland, Alexander Rybak and Hadise amongst others. Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that airplay is vital and hence forth, it seems that Germany have picked up on the track as well because The Hardest Thing by Fabrizio Faniello is currently at number #22 at Radio Contact. The chart which is currently being led by Adele, David Guetta and Rihanna is definitely a huge achievement for the Maltese star who for the most part of his career has been signed to Spectre Media and CAP-Sounds which are affiliated with Universal Music Germany. Should you wish to purchase your copy of the track, visit the iTunes store. The editorial team at would like to wish Fabrizio Faniello the very best of luck with his success and in the meantime, we hope that you stay tuned for more news.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:16