November 23, 2019

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Friday, 23 November 2012 09:30

BMA 2012: The Meteoric Rise of Bands

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Several music critics have gone on record stating that the local industry required a little bit of diversity and when looking back at what was being offered, this was surely the case but gone are the days when soloists dominate the radio scene because there is a new wave of bands which are definitely coming into focus and taking the limelight away. As a matter of fact, many have described the influx as a meteoric rise of success because they do not just put out music but through their respective genres and niches manage to release good material which is normally enjoyable to various demographics in society. One of the particular radio stations to promote a talented bunch of musicians is surely 89.7 Bay having spearheaded the campaign to see through that there is a progression in the local music scene. It should come to no surprise then that the ninth edition of the Bay Music Awards will be once more awarding the Best Band Award during the ceremony which is set to take place at the Bay Arena on the 12th December 2012 hosted by Ben Glover, Dorian Cassar and Nathan D.

It has been decided that five nominees should make up this extremely tough category although it is fair to say that there could have been some other contenders in the list. Nevertheless, kicking off with the first band; Red Electrick, one which has been featuring heavily in 2012 especially after deciding to take up full creative control over their music having previously worked with the likes of Howard Keith from Jagged Records. Their initial release off their latest effort was of course the sublime track 'Paul' and it was just the beginning of a successful era with 'The Unplugged Sessions', originally a concert which was aired at the cinema. The members of the band are Matt, Pete, Jonas, Ivan and Raf and they make up what has become a solid band in the local music industry. Many will remember one of their debut singles; 'Who the Heck' is REK!? which easily topped the radio charts in the country. Two of the members; Matthew James Borg and Peter Borg have also co-written a track entitled 'Never Walk Away' for the upcoming Malta Eurovision Song Contest making it to the final sixty-nine tracks with vocals by Chris Grech. We wish them the very best of luck.

The second band to have been given a nomination is another one which does not actually need too much of an introduction having been around for quite some time, undergoing a couple of line-up changes along the way before ultimately becoming one which features Konrad Pule as the lead vocalist. The band whose name is Scar has managed to remain current despite the wave of foreign sounds which has been infiltrating the market and their last studio release 'Breaking Radio Silence'. Despite the album being put out quite a while ago, the music is still relevant and their most recent offering entitled 'White Lie' clearly shows that they are in the scene in order to remain there. They also took part in the 2007 Malta Song for Europe competition finishing in sixth place and have submitted yet another entry in the upcoming editio of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest entitled 'Superstar'. The band features the already mentioned Konrad Pule who also a co-writer, Michael Scicluna, Arda Baykurt and David Cassar Torreggiani. Once more, we would like to wish them the very best of luck with their competition endeavours for yet another year.

The third band to have been given the nomination is actually one of the newest bands in the local music scene by the name Saving Alexis. In fact, they first came together in 2010 and ultimately had been awarded with the Best Newcomer Award at this same prestigious ceremony held by 89.7 and it is to be noted that they bring that something different to the table because their music is highly describable as power pop with several influences from modern rock'n'roll to classical jazz. Clear dedication is what has been the successful factor in this group and coming about from the same town is definitely another positive attribute to have aided their success. It is highly notable that all of their releases have managed to enter within the playlists of 89.7 Bay and other local radio stations ultimately ranking in the top positions making them somewhat a little bit of having a midas touch with their music, knowing exactly what to put out there without losing their creative control. This is their first nomination in this category. The band is made up of Clayton Bonelo, Chris Cass, Melchior Busuttil, and Chris Farrugia.

Intriguing. That is the word I will be using to describe the fourth nominees in this group of absolutely delightful acts who not only release great music but ultimately provide a great show. Three Stops to China are also relatively new to the music scene but it does feel like they have been around for quite some time, probably because people have become accustomed to hearing their music on the radio. In their official Facebook page, they official describe themselves as to being all about the hype and that is actually an element to succeed in the music industry. It is vital to get the people behind you. Their genre has really been of a progressive nature but that is what most people would probably denote. They are coming up against some of the most notable names in the local music industry in this category but they are truly deserving of the nomination, which I believe is actually not the very first time either having been nominated in another year not too long ago. Their music has also performed solidly on the chart and people are definitely waiting for more.

One final band to garner a nomination into this years' edition of the Bay Music Awards is Dolls for Idols which very much like the previous two have not been around in the industry for an extremely long period of time. Once more diversity plays an extremely important role behind obtaining this achievement because they are the best representatives for Electronic music at the moment. In fact, their material was somewhat very current about two years ago but when they released their most recent tracks, it seems that they managed to keep up their sound whilst still managing to remain true to the current music scene. The group Dolls for Idols is made up of Clint Spiteri, Aaron Sammut and Erick Saliba. Their line up has also been extremely consistent and therefore keeps within the element that consistency is the key behind success. They have a good music following and in fact, their fans are relAtively noisy so this definitely gives them the possibility to cause an upset for this award in particular but also possibly for another award.

This was the second  in a series of features that has planned for the 2012 edition of the Bay Music Awards and that is because people have to party as if it's the end of the world. In order to vote for the Best Band Award, it is vital to send an sms with either of these acts' respective name sakes as show in the article in bold to 50615303. Make sure that the vote you make is for the song which you believe deserves the award because it managed to make some sort of impact. The voting is open until the 5th December which is roughly just less than a month. Make sure to get cracking and stay tuned to both and 89.7 Bay for all of the latest updates from this years' edition of the prestigious music awards

Source: 89.7 Bay,

Last modified on Friday, 23 November 2012 09:36