December 14, 2019

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Monday, 26 November 2012 10:15

MESC 2013: Shows Prevent Kevin Borg Trip

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The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 participants will be known in just a couple of days time noting that the announcement will be taking place this Friday night on Xarabank produced by Where's Everybody, hosted by Peppi Azzopardi and aired on Television Malta. One of the artists who will be missing from the possible twenty four semi-finalists is none other than Kevin Borg who is somewhat renowned for having won the Idol competition in Sweden a couple of years back and still enjoys a spectacular high level of fame in his adopted land where he currently resides with his partner in work and life, Sofia. People were somewhat surprised to see Kevin trying out for next years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest considering that his most recent outing in the national final was back in 2007 when he had finished fourth with the ballad Whenever composed by Jason Paul Cassar and penned by Sunny Aquilina who began his career in the festival circuit.

The track that Kevin Borg is presenting to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest entitled Needing You is rumoured to be a ballad and considering that amongst the writers there are Dan Attlerud and Thomas Thörnholm involved, this would definitely not be a surprise noting that the songwriting duo are known for writing the track High performed by Knut Anders Sørum in the 2004 edition of the continental competition. His low placing was due to some nasty choices of staging with a vocal presence which should have been much stronger. On his official page on Facebook, Kevin Borg went onto state 'I am terribly sorry that I cannot make it to Malta for Xarabank and the awards but hopefully i'll speak on the phone live before my concerts.' During the programme, it is expected that an excerpt of the song is played in some form and therefore, it is safe to say that a recording might have been done before hand in the event that he does indeed make it through with the final twenty-four. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news on the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Kevin Borg Official Facebook

Last modified on Monday, 26 November 2012 10:25