November 21, 2019

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 15:57

MESC 2013: Major Radio Artists Conquer Selection

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The anticipation continues to rise with the announcement of the semi-finalists of next years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest taking place in just two days time and it is expected that the songs are of relatively high quality especially following the qualification of Malta into the final of the prestigious event earlier this year with his entry This Is The Night which was a co-write between Johan Jämtberg, Kurt Calleja and Mikael Gunnerås. There has been a lot of talk with regards to the possibility of garnering artists who succeed on the local radio scene and it seems that the Public Broadcasting Services have managed to succeed because a number of performers within the second phase have been known to enter the playlists of radio broadcasters.

The national broadcaster shortlisted a total of sixty nine names in the second selection phase of the competition and did call upon some of the performers in order to prove their stage and television presence whilst also confirmed their vocal abilities. Some of the artists as mentioned above have come forth from the radio scene and we have picked a couple to point out their most recent achievements. Melanie Zammit is the first to fill in this spot actually noting that she is competing with the song Loverdose co-written between Maria Lundin, Niclas Lundin and Gerard James Borg. The artist first came to prominence with her debut single Electric Sound garnering promotion on major radio broadcasters and also on television having been invited to Clint on ONE as well as Stylewatch on Television Malta respectively. She has been relatively busy working on new material in the past couple of months and will be hoping to be announced as one of the semi-finalists on Friday.

Another group which has been eclipsing a prerogative set beforehand is surely Scar who have already been in the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the past with the track As Long As You Know which finished in sixth place behind the likes of Trilogy and Olivia Lewis. Following an extended period of inactivity, the group returned earlier this year with their brand new single White Lie which has topped the chart at 89.7 Bay and has helped them garner a total of two nominations at the upcoming edition of the Bay Music Awards; the first one being for the Best Band where they will have to compete against the likes of Red Electrick, Saving Alexis, Dolls for Idols, and Three Stops to China as well as; the Best Song where they have a tough competition against artists such as Ira Losco, Red Electrick and Carlo Gerada ft. Jan Cortez. Superstar is the track which they are presenting to the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. We wish them luck and hope that they do return.

Following years within the competition with a number of tracks which he has co-written alongside Jonathan Spiteri, one of his best friends come none other than Klinsmann who has been a notable name in the competition since 2007, where he had managed to finish in third place with his track She Gives Me Wings composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Rita Pace. Klinsmann has decided to change his course of action for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest working with songwriters; Philip Vella, Magnus Kaxe and Gerard James Borg on a track entitled The Remedy. Klinsmann is actually a frontman of a new band known as Planet Seed which is also nominated for the Newcomers Award at the upcoming edition of the Bay Music Awards taking place on the 12th December at the Bay Arena. They are newcomers to the scene but have made quite the impact with their lead single It's Gonna Be Ok

Two of the main bands which have been gracing the local music industry as of late are surely Funk Initiative and The Crowns and it is quite intriguing to see that they are not battling out on radio for the most airplay this time round but instead focusing on the Malta Eurovision Song Contest because their lead vocalists; Victorio Gauci and Gianluca Bezzina are both in contention for one of the elite twenty-four positions. The latter is the brother of the renowned vocalist; Dorothy Bezzina and enters for the first time with the song Tomorrow composed by Boris Cezek and penned by Dean Muscat whilst Victorio reached the competition in 2009 in a duet with the aforementioned female performer. He is trying to reach the selection with the track Naked co-written by Tony Jonsson, Gabriel Warmby and Gerard James Borg. Once more, it will be interesting to see them through should they manage.

The final act which we have chosen for this feature is none other than vocalist; Chris Grech who has most notably performed in the Rockestra for the past two years. He has entered the selection process for the very first time with the track Never Walk Away and brings about the most intriguing songwriting team to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the form of Red Electrick band members Matthew James Borg and Peter Borg respectively alongside David Cassar Torreggiani from the aforementioned band; Scar. Such a team is always very important in order to denote the existence of a brand new sound or rather the progress that the local selection has made in the past couple of years. The quality of the songs has greatly improved and collaborations between local and foreign songwriters have bore great fruit as even local songwriters have worked harder to make sure their contributions are accepted and shortlisted. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: escflashmalta