December 07, 2019

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Friday, 07 December 2012 12:20

Malta: MADC Presents The Wizard of Oz

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One has to believe that once a year, magic does indeed impact the lives of many and that is why, creativity becomes the key to a successful life because otherwise boredom would take over and that is surely one element which should never be controlling to the individual. The arts in Malta have become predominantly popular and during the festive season, several venues and concert halls gear up to host a satire of comedy with enriching casts; full of exuberant dancers, terrifyingly good voices and of course, some of that annual eye candy. For the past thirty five years, one company which has not been amiss in hosting the pantomime is MADC and this year will be no different with what is expected to be yet another glorious spectacle featuring the storyline of The Wizard of Oz with slight variations as expected.

Alan Montanaro who is featured in the middle within the picture above has become a popular figure in the local entertainment industry puts his acting skills to show whilst flourishing in extravagant silly costumes, a vocal which truly fits the role and a choreography which truly inspires you to dance along. Speaking about the song selection, he believes that the outcome does depend greatly on the mix of tracks which are used saying 'we always try to get a mix of songs to ensure that there is something for everyone. I nearly always include a remix or two because that way I know I’m going to hit at least 2 generations'. The pantomime is annually watched by hundreds of people so it is of pivotal importance to keep it current whilst not losing the tradition that has indeed made it popular. Marco Calleja, the director adds that this year, they are building more into the element of 'magic .. lots and lots of magic. Oz is all about magic and so is panto thus one only expects a double dose of it'. Fiona Captur did add to what Marco said in fact, with people surely set to be amazed considering the 'handful of unusual surprises' that have been prepared.

MADC as a company has been strong but originality is the key to their success this year noting that The Wizard of Oz is a story which could be told in a variety of ways. Alan Meadows, who just happens to be the Chairman of MADC spoke with an aura of confidence in saying that the panto had indeed 'evolved into a 'total-theatre, full blown show for the family with a Fairytale or children story line for the  with the usual battle between good and evil where the good always triumphs  This is intermixed with satire and more adult joke for the adults. There is much audience participation for young and old. As a show it has all the ingredients, song, dance, jokes, glitzy and outrageous costumes and wigs' and beautiful  sets. There is comedy, farce, pathos and a little burlesque all thrown in together. It has been described as a more sophisticated form of Tejatrin'. The setting is also an important part of the showcase and Meadows did concur that the Malta Fairs and Conventions centre allows for much more creativity and imagination, the possibility to suspend reality.

The whole cast is indeed going that extra mile to succeed with resoundingly flying colours in fact with the choice of The Wizard of Oz being extremely unpredictable to say the least. Alan Montanaro who is the Script Writer as well as the dame said that this time round, the inspiration came from sitting within a restaurant where Mr Sandman by The Andrews Sisters was playing in the background. Later on in the evening, Alan was singing 'Mr Tin Man and therefore, as 'they say, the rest is history'. Fantasy and make believe are two elements behind the writing of the script as well as what the people expect. Whilst Alan will head the cast as the dame, other individuals that the people should look out for are the Dorothy's being played by Bettina Paris and Philippa Cassar, the Wicked Witch of the West being played by Izzy Warrington, the trio made up of the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion being played by Alex Lewis, Ralph Mangion and Andy Catania respectively and several others. Tickets may be bought on the official MADC website and prices range from 10 to 25 Euro respectively. As they say in panto, be nice to each other!

Source: MADC

Last modified on Friday, 07 December 2012 14:32