November 22, 2019

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Monday, 24 December 2012 17:59

MESC 2013: 'Overrated' by Marilena Is Previewed

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Commotion doesn't being to describe the discussions that have been ongoing within the music industry for the past couple of days noting that the withdrawal of Saska Hunt with the track Dress Rehearsal composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg has raised eyebrows although rumours have said that due to exams in the United Kingdom where Saska resides, she was unable to continue her journey within the competition and therefore, the first placed individual not to make the cut, being Marilena Gauci with the song Overrated has eventually been revealed as the twenty-fourth semi-finalists in a Xarabank programme which was celebrating the festive season.

It very much seems that the artist had not even known about this decision with the host, Peppi Azzopardi saying that this was planned a week in advance but due to the show cancellation, the announcement was delayed even further. Several people unfortunately missed their chance to watch the preview of the song Overrated which is intriguingly being said to resemble the popular track Domino by Jessie J. There might be some slight similarities but one has to remember that there are only so many notes on the piano and therefore, resemblance is not really an issue. We could only denote that the track is an uptempo one, adding to the several already in the competition and somewhat seemingly written for the vocals of Marilena noting that she seems to perform it well. The live performance will definitely be a different story but the editorial team of would like to congratulate her on making it through and would also like to extend their wishes for an extremely festive season for the days which lie ahead. Stay tuned for more news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: YouTube

Last modified on Monday, 24 December 2012 18:14