January 23, 2020

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 13:40

Malta: Nail Biting Episode This Evening

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Maestro Ray Agius has long been associated with writing both music and lyrics to some of the leading artists in the local music industry and therefore it comes as no surprise to denote that he has written some of the most notable tracks to have ever graced the scene, both in Maltese and English respectively. Amongst his most well known numbers, there are definitely Fjura Fil-Kantina, Fejn Tħobb il-Qalb, Let Me Fly and Keep Me In Mind. At the moment, his latest project is composing the music to the lyrics of Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba la Rosa for the series D.R.E.A.M.S which airs every Wednesday on Television Malta at 20:45 CET. escflashmalta.com has always been proud to support this project due to the fact that it gives space to the younger generation of performers. This evening will mark the twenty-seventh (27th) episode of the series are the recent developments in storylines continue to develop and evolve accordingly. 

The staff at the sixth form is getting feisty noting that the relationship between Jessica (Marie Louise Wiffen) and Peter (JJ Curmi) has come to a standstill over a set of photographs brought forward by Greta (Stephanie Vella). At this point, it seems that Jessica is yet to view the photos which she had picked up from the dustbin after being torn apart by Peter but nevertheless, the fact that they both went back for them has to prove suspicious. Nevertheless, attention is surely on the double date between Andre (Jervis Galea), Katia (Jade Cini), Alex (Luke Brincat) and Jade (Rachel Genovese). Alex had supposedly went outside to meet with his father, a story which is somewhat shady but he was kidnapped or so it seems as his mother, Gina (Josephine Fuller) was held at gunpoint. Jade decides to go looking for Alex when he does not show up back to the table and then has to alert her friends when he is nowhere to be found. 

Andre is seemingly worried about what could have happened to Alex and does not know what he should do next especially because he had no clue to the dynamics of the situation. In the meantime though, the viewers will be treated to the aftermath of the situation, hoping that both Alex and Gina are well and alive. Moving away from this situation and back to Antoinette (Annalise Psaila), she decides to open up about her relationship with Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) to Melanie (Carly Zarb) whilst Damian (Andre’ Mangion) speaks to his brother about another issue. The conversations will be yielding some intriguing results but that is why we ask you to turn on your television sets and watch this evenings' episode. One last storyline is the one featuring Paul (Kevin de Leonardo) and his daughter Diane (Michela Galea), the history that seems to be unravelling quickly. Tonight at 20:45, another episode of D.R.E.A.M.S only on Television Malta. 

Source: Rewind Productions


Last modified on Wednesday, 05 June 2013 13:43