November 17, 2019

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 00:24

Malta: Results of OGAE Video Contest '13 Selection

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OGAE Malta, the local representative committee within the international fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest announced earlier this year that the public voting for the annual OGAE Video Contest officially came to an end at midnight on the 15th September. This was the first time that the selection was open to the general public all over the world and there is hope for continuity in the years to come as long as more interest is shown. Despite a lack of voters, a result was achieved and a winner was decided following an exciting procedure which you may follow here. Malta is yet to win the competition with the best result being a sixth place finish achieved on two occasions; in 2005 with the video of the song I'm In Love Again by Ira Losco and in 2006 with the video for the track Love On The Radio sung by Fabrizio Faniello.

Giorgia, the female vocalist from Italy was the winner of last years' edition of the OGAE Video Contest, managing to succeed with the music video for the song E' L'Amore Che Conta. It is reported that OGAE Malta are happy with the support that the project reached this time round hoping that more voters will eventually turn up next year in order to make the chosen entry more representative of the general public, those who enjoy listening to music and watching music videos. The editorial board gladly support this brand new venture organised by OGAE Malta because it increases transparency and also gives the public the right to decide on something which will still represent the nation. Stay tuned to as well as the Official Facebook Page of the competition for all of the latest news.

Source: OGAE Malta