December 11, 2019

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Thursday, 19 December 2013 16:40

Malta: Airport Impressions Release New Music Video

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Airport impressions, which comprises of Errol Sammut, Johann Schembri, Chirs Curmi and Steve Farrugia are back, and have just released a new music video for the new single entitled Hymns of June, their first release off the yet untitled sophomore album due to the released early in 2014.

The video has been shot and produced in the UK by a British Manchester based production company and directed by experienced music video director Mr Adam Barker recently credited by Q-TV, Rock sound Magazine and other important names in the video industry. The music video was shot in Haworth, in the heart of the moors of the Bronte Country in West Yorkshire, which village is most famous for its authentic railway station which also features in the music video. 

Mr Errol Sammut, front man of the band commented ‘we are honoured to have worked with such a professional production team and believe the ambience and landscapes have created a perfect set up for this type of song’. The song 'Hymns of June' features an ode to the simpleton and sees the band experiment into new musical ventures verging into folkish sounds which include the introduction of the banjo and double bass instruments alongside acoustic guitars amongst others.

Howard Keith, of Jagged House, their management company went onto state ‘Airport Impressions have come a long way and their songs are stronger than ever. The 2nd album is always the trickiest step for any band but I believe we have captured the essence of the band whilst leaving the album to have it’s own musical journey’. Stay up to date with the band through their Facebook Page and Official Website. Stay tuned to for more of such local releases.

Source:  Press Release

Last modified on Thursday, 19 December 2013 16:47