November 17, 2019

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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 16:55

Malta: Davinia in Brand New Summer Single Release

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Davinia, a twenty-two year old female singer/songwriter, recently relocated to the United States of America in order to pursue a music career in a foreign country, hoping to break through on another level, has been humming melodies, and scribbling down lyrics with songwriter Nick Lopez.

One of the advanced projects which they had been working on at length was the original song “Round & Round” which is being presented as Davinia’s brand new single, and the first in 2015. This serves as a follow-up to “Ouch!”, produced by Carlo Gerada and co-penned with Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca and “Brand New Day”, composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca’. 

In tune with a warm expectant summer, “Round & Round” is a fine mixture of pop, rhythm & blues, funk as well as soul, four genres which Davinia has previously had the opportunity to perform separately but not as a combination. As a co-writer, Davinia states that this is a ‘fun song which people will hum and bop along to instantly’. 

For more information about Davinia, we urge you to visit the social media page or Stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: Press Release

Last modified on Tuesday, 02 June 2015 17:04