January 28, 2020

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Local Music News

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of a new journey for Claudia Faniello because she launched her debut album bearing the name of "Convincingly Better". As part of our special coverage throughout the week, ESCflashmalta.com reviewed her illustrious rise to fame including her first television performances, her Malta Eurosong trials, her foreign festival endeavors and most recently, the launch of her debut single. The artist is surely set for success in the very near future and should be in the elite list of individuals who have managed to become big both nationally and internationally. The album launch which took place at…
Time and time again, I have gone on record stating that we have a very good selection of artists here in the Maltese Islands and what is even greater is that they come in all different ages. One of the people who impressed me a couple of years ago is making a name for herself at the moment. I am speaking with regards to Danica Muscat, an artist whose first experience in a previous edition of the Malta Junior Eurosong. The young prodigy now aged sixteen (16) has been singing since 1997 when she just fell in love with the…
A new breath of life is exerted onto the Maltese music scene when an artist manages to do what many up and coming artists wish to do and that is release an album with a compilation of original songs. After the successful launches of acts like Jessica Muscat, Eleanor Cassar, Pamela Bezzina, Claudia Faniello, Airport Impressions, Kurt Calleja and Red Elektric, another one came quickly out of nowhere, and that is the one of Priscilla Psaila who has recently been remodeling herself as Kaya. The singer first burst out onto the music scene making it to the 2000 Malta Song…
It seems that Richard Edwards has a surprise up his sleeve to all the fans that have supported him this year and those who showed interest in his entry which is penned by himself to the music of Jan Van Dijck. Recently added photos on Facebook by some of his friends/colleagues indicated that Richard was shooting a video for ‘Finally’ and our website has been in contact with the artist where he confirmed the news and said that the video will be out shortly. If I’m not mistaken, this will actually be the first runner up entry in the Malta…
The Maltese Islands are full of clear cut and beautiful voices which entertain the people all the year round through concerts, festivals and other musical showcases but one of the events in which the people flock in numbers to attend is surely "VOICES", a concert which features a 200-strong choir performing some of the worlds' most amazing hits but the best thing is that all proceeds from ticket sales go to charity. This years' edition which is being held between the 6th and 10th October as well as the 13th and 17th October is being run under the title theme…
One of the most popular male singers in the Maltese Islands is the pop tenor Ludwig Galea and during the evening of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and the following evening meaning, the 14th and 15th May, has been invited to the city of Varna in Bulgaria to perform as a special guest and also to be part of the expert jury within the 25th edition of the Discovery Festival. The organizer of the event, Mr. Dono Tsvetkov always had a very good relationship with the singer as well as with the Maltese music scene and this has prompted such…